Instagram 3.0 Introduces Interactive Photo Map & More: Now Available For Both Android And iOS

Launched last Thursday (16th August) for both Android and iPhone , the version 3.0 for Instagram marks the debut of a new way to view photo...

ImageLaunched last Thursday (16th August) for both Android and iPhone, the version 3.0 for Instagram marks the debut of a new way to view photos through the system. From now on, the images taken through the application can be displayed in a map indicating where each one of them was captured. According to the CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, the goal of the update is to allow fast access to both new content as well as to the oldest. "Things live for a couple hours and then they float off into the ether." he told to The Verge. To prevent this, they developed a new interface that makes it easy to access all the photographs taken by users of Instagram.

Users Are Firmly In-Control

Once the application update is downloaded, there is a small warning displays regarding the new function. To make sure you can tag your images by location, it is essential that the use of geolocation software is enabled when a photograph is published. Each person has complete control over the images he want to add or remove from the community, which prevents embarrassing moments remain on display.

Among the other new features introduced by Instagram 3.0 is the possibility of infinite scrolling of updates and the addition of a new option to report spam messages. Among the future plans of the company is improving its navigation interface through computers, which until now has very limited functions compared to those available in the application.

Check here to download Instagram 3.0 for Android and iPhone

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