Kill The Swak Lite: Blow Up Enemies & Avoid The Bombs In A Maddening Game [Android Game]

In Kill the Swak Lite, your goal is clear and unique: the end Swaks, a race of monsters that threate...

Kill-The-Swak-Lite-Blow-Up-Enemies-&-Avoid-The-Bombs-In-A-Maddening-Game-[Android-Game]-(2)In Kill the Swak Lite, your goal is clear and unique: the end Swaks, a race of monsters that threatens his own group, the Boozoul. To do this, simply touch the screen to blow them up as they appear.  Kill the Swak Lite is a game well done for Android that has good technical aspects, from graphics to gameplay - but it is hampered because it is a Lite version that does not provide sufficient resources to convince the player to buy it. But you can see the positives: the gameplay, despite being extremely similar to Fruit Ninja is well developed and able to entertain anyone for quite some time - and it will take several attempts so you can get 60/2 without losing since the difficulty is challenging.


The graphics do not stand out, despite the detailed and well designed creatures, but do not compromise. Have the soundtrack, an epic song, makes you feel in an action movie. Except that all that remains in the background when we take into account the limitations: only one game mode is available, causing you to be restricted too much and end up dropping the game quickly.

Kill-The-Swak-Lite-Blow-Up-Enemies-&-Avoid-The-Bombs-In-A-Maddening-Game-[Android-Game]-(3) Kill-The-Swak-Lite-Blow-Up-Enemies-&-Avoid-The-Bombs-In-A-Maddening-Game-[Android-Game]-(4)

The Lite version offers only one game mode, the "Time Trial", which allows you to be 60 seconds in one of the scenarios of the game trying to get the highest score possible. The gameplay is simple: just tap on the enemies that appear on the screen so that they explode. The more hits, the higher the final performance.

Just do not hit the bomb that sometimes flies through the scenario - if you do, the game ends automatically and you need to restart the stage. But always try to pop the pill, which doubles the score with every touch on the screen, or the creature's yellow sunglasses, which leaves everything in slow motion for long.

Check out the video demo below:

Download Kill The Swak Lite

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