RealPlayer For Android Leaves Beta: A Complete Multimedia Player With Stunning UI & Powerful Media Engine [Android]

RealPlayer, one of the top listed desktop multimedia player was available for Android as beta release. And recently RealPlayer has left bet...

RealPlayer-For-Android-Leaves-Beta-A-Complete-Multimedia-Player-With-Stunning-UI-&-Powerful-Media-Engine-[Android]-(1)RealPlayer, one of the top listed desktop multimedia player was available for Android as beta release. And recently RealPlayer has left beta and comes as final release on Google Play Store to add new dimension on Android multimedia experience. The quality of RealPlayer is well renewed and already pretty popular among desktop user and with the final release of Android version, it proves it’s aim to bring the same on the smartphone as well. With it’s stunning and well-polished UI and powerful media engine, Android user can now hope for RealPlayer becoming and exceptional media player. RealPlayer for Android is an excellent option for those who want an application to play and manage media files. Its main feature is to bring together in one place videos, photos and music in a super organized. For still in its first final version, we can expect many more of RealPlayer, it’s now pretty stable with almost no lag at Despite some loose ends, RealPlayer stands out by allowing the playback of many video formats, including the famous RMVB, although this is only possible in the premium version. In the paid version you can also find a more interesting package of widgets, an equalization system and a metadata editor.

RealPlayer-For-Android-Leaves-Beta-A-Complete-Multimedia-Player-With-Stunning-UI-&-Powerful-Media-Engine-[Android]-(2)  RealPlayer-For-Android-Leaves-Beta-A-Complete-Multimedia-Player-With-Stunning-UI-&-Powerful-Media-Engine-[Android]-(3)

If you are not willing to pay the Premium upgrade version, RealPlayer can leave something to be desired due to various strategic limitations that are usually much appreciated by people seeking a complete player. However, the free version still brings a good set of possibilities, because you can organize all your multimedia life in one place. Before starting to use the RealPlayer on your Android, stay tuned to the message displayed: the first time you run the application it may be slow due to the search than it does in your media library, looking for photos, videos and songs.

RealPlayer-For-Android-Leaves-Beta-A-Complete-Multimedia-Player-With-Stunning-UI-&-Powerful-Media-Engine-[Android]-(4)  RealPlayer-For-Android-Leaves-Beta-A-Complete-Multimedia-Player-With-Stunning-UI-&-Powerful-Media-Engine-[Android]-(5)

So if you feel bad RealPlayer in the first test, it's worth giving another chance to the application. Its main screen is divided into three major parts: "Playlists" (playlists), "Videos" and "Photos". In its last version, RealPlayer has brought a number of visual enhancements that left the main screen of the application much more user friendly and intuitive - especially if you are using a tablet or gadget in landscape mode. The primary musical features were grouped in a circle intuitive and the buttons "video" and "photos" were left out.

RealPlayer-For-Android-Leaves-Beta-A-Complete-Multimedia-Player-With-Stunning-UI-&-Powerful-Media-Engine-[Android]-(6)  RealPlayer-For-Android-Leaves-Beta-A-Complete-Multimedia-Player-With-Stunning-UI-&-Powerful-Media-Engine-[Android]-(7)

As the main focus is playing music files, you'll appreciate the options "Artists" (Artists), "album" m "Genres" (Musical Genres) and "Songs" (Songs). These divisions are useful for organization and also to find files you want to access, once the application has no search engine. The playlists are divided into "Recently Added" (newly added files), "Favorites" (Bookmarks), "Most Player" (Most Played), and "Folder" (Folder).

While playing one of your playlists and albums, RealPlayer allows you to trigger the "Shuffle" for a reproduction of random files. RealPlayer also displays the album cover (if it is available in the archives) that is playing. Its interface is complete, but simplified, giving the user an excellent music player.

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