SuperBikers Free: Arcade Motorcycle Racing Game With Lively Music & Insane Drift [Android Game]

If you like racing games that mix with drifts insane motorcycle at high speed, SuperBikers Free will...

SuperBikers-Free-Arcade-Motorcycle-Racing-Game-With-Lively-Music-&-Insane-Drift-[Android-Game]--(2)If you like racing games that mix with drifts insane motorcycle at high speed, SuperBikers Free will keep you glued to your Android. The title puts the riders to race on dirt tracks quite extensive where the goal is always first. SuperBikers Free is an arcade racing title in which you pilot a motorcycle of high cylinder capacity at full speed for scenarios full of curves. To win, you must come in first place and also get rid of the other participants. The simplistic mechanical control should appeal to those seeking a carefree pastime, there's no need to worry about any button or command advanced. However, the physics engine the game ends up damaging enough to drive. The motorcycle moves somewhat awkwardly down the runway, as if the ground was soapy. Any subtle change in direction requires you to tilt the gadget significantly, resulting in a gambling unrealistic and complicated.

SuperBikers-Free-Arcade-Motorcycle-Racing-Game-With-Lively-Music-&-Insane-Drift-[Android-Game]--(3)  SuperBikers-Free-Arcade-Motorcycle-Racing-Game-With-Lively-Music-&-Insane-Drift-[Android-Game]--(4)

Low resolution charts also leaves something to be desired. And, despite the appeal of casual work, the textures used are very weak and blurred. The modeling of objects also defective, which does not rotate like wheels, handlebars and static backgrounds that flash. The whole sound is perhaps the only element with the potential to please, for the long runs are packed to the sound of a good rock. The effects are also consistent, albeit a bit generic and unrealistic.

SuperBikers-Free-Arcade-Motorcycle-Racing-Game-With-Lively-Music-&-Insane-Drift-[Android-Game]--(4)  SuperBikers-Free-Arcade-Motorcycle-Racing-Game-With-Lively-Music-&-Insane-Drift-[Android-Game]--(5)

The control of the bike is done via the device's accelerometer. Therefore, simply tilt the gadget to the side like a steering wheel to steer the vehicle. No need to worry about even with the throttle gear changes, and to brake, you touch every corner of the screen.

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