Espera: Metro UI Based Music Player Tool With Unique YouTube Integration [Windows]

Espera is a stunning Metro-UI based modern audio player for Windows that has some very interesting features. With it, you can not only list...

Espera-Metro-UI-Based-Music-Player-Tool-With-Unique-YouTube-Integration-[Windows]-(5)Espera is a stunning Metro-UI based modern audio player for Windows that has some very interesting features. With it, you can not only listen to the music stored on the hard drive of your computer as well as the music/audio files from YouTube. The simple interface and intuitive application makes listening to music much more enjoyable and simple. During our test, Espera proved to be a good tool for listening to music. Occupying little disk space, the application is a viable option for anyone, even those who are not accustomed to using alternative music player rather then Windows Media Player. The main advantages of this tool over other applications of similar kind is the integration with YouTube, allowing you to access the entire contents of this video portal. That way, you are able to listen to almost all types of music anytime. Another positive aspect of the program is the ability to customize the items displayed in its interface. So people can leave only those elements that actually free comfortable with, freeing up more space for displaying information about the songs. Because the program does not have heavy features, you can use it on any machine, even in the oldest ones and with little processing power. Unfortunately, not everything works perfectly yet. It shows some random crash for now (hang up) while adding lots of music files in the library. However, after that, it continued to play the files normally, without showing new problems. More to read.


One of the most interesting features of the Espera is the integration with YouTube. The application allows you to access the audible portion of the content available on the video portal without having to open the browser for that. The search for the desired item right from the application interface itself. Another thing is the Metro UI based interface which matches perfectly with modern Windows 8 operating system.

Using this tool is simple and easy. It has both portable and installable package so you can select either one of them to download which suits you most. At the top of the screen, you will see the options local and youtube. The first item allows you to access files stored on the computer hard drive. The cool thing is that it has built-in library (directory) feature, allowing you to select multiple folders simultaneously.


Further to the left of the window, you can view a list of all the artists identified by the application.This makes it easier to find the desired songs and create playlists the way you want. When you select a singer, all music related to it are displayed in the most central part of the screen. You can see information such as duration, album and genre of songs. Just follow the displayed columns.


To add folders in the library, just click on the + (Plus sign) from the top-left corner of the application interface and then browse for the desired folder.

Up to the youtube tab, it lets you browse/search and listen to audio clip of any video files from YouTube. Just search for your desired content, select one from the search result and then listen to it, it’s that easy. Furthermore, it shows video thumbnail of those files so you can select the perfect one.

The controls for fast forward and rewind when playing a list can be found on the uppermost part of the screen, just below the title bar. You can also view the volume control and track progress bar, and the time of each song. A search box can be seen in the upper right corner of the screen. With it, it becomes easier to locate items in your music library. The search field can also be used to search for items on the website YouTube.


You will also be able to change application interface color, setting and behavior from the Settings option which can be accessed by clicking on the settings icon of the upper-right corner. In the program settings, you can view some tools to modify the interface elements and color display application. The changes made are shown in real time, allowing you to check the result before finalizing editing. You can also create a password to protect your playlist here.


  • Simple and intuitive interface .
  • Featuring integration with YouTube.
  • Windows 8 optimized design.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.


  • Installable package connects to internet every time before launch.

Espera is an amazing and brilliant alternative music player for Windows with unique YouTube integration. It’s simple usage and stunning modern Metro based design will make your music experience much better. Espera works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

Download Espera For Windows

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