iCare Data Recovery: Effectively Recover Deleted/Corrupted Files For Hard Disc Or USB Stick [Windows/Giveaway]

A small mistake or a rare accident can cause lots of data loss or even loosing an entire partition of Hard Disc. Many times we found out tha...

iCare-Data-Recovery-Effectively-Recover-DeletedCorrupted-Files-For-Hard-Disc-Or-USB-Stick-[WindowsGiveaway]-()A small mistake or a rare accident can cause lots of data loss or even loosing an entire partition of Hard Disc. Many times we found out that those accidentally deleted files could be of great use with either official/work usage or as of sentimental value. Rather than whining about the deleted files, what you should do is to have a program capable of recovering those lost files as soon as you get aware of the situation. Previously we reviewed some of great free data recovery tool called Recuva, Pandora Recovery, FileWing and other. Today we will be featuring one paid tool called iCare Data Recovery Software which can effectively recover deleted files in a few clicks. This excellent program scans disks to find out deleted files and let you restore them easily. The quality of iCare Data Recovery Software is quite remarkable. In minutes you can scan the disk where your data was stored previously and restore your precious files. It also has a friendly interface, advanced search tools to filter and preview content. Sure we have other free programs for file recovery in ABC Trick, but some of our readers commented that using something paid in such critical time is much better (We are not saying that it’s true though).

Note: iCare Data Recovery Software is a paid tool available from $69.95. With the free version of this tool, you will only be able to recover 10 files. We are giving away 5 license of iCare Data Recovery Standard to 5 of our lucky winners. Please check by the end of the article for giveaway details.

If you think you will never lose your documents because you take good care of them then you are going to suffer for it in future because you will never even know when you have deleted an important file (That’s why it’s called accident). Even if you haven’t deleted any file, data loss can happen in the case of a USB stick or external hard drive, unplugged the device without proper care. Any bump the button that turns off the computer or the outlet may corrupt your documents forever. Not to mention entire partitions formatted by mistake, accidently deleted folders and virus attacks and other malware. So you will know when you need a data recovery.


There are many data recovery tool available online but only a few of them are real effective – one of them few is iCare Data Recovery. With iCare Data Recovery Software you can scan an entire disk or partition for documents that have been deleted or partially corrupted. If desired, you can specify the format of the file to filter the search.



The analysis can take some time depending on the drive volume. Once the scanning is finished, just select those files and folders you want to recover and then click recover. You can retrieve the entire contents of the disk or choose specific files or folders. Unfortunately not all documents can be saved (You shouldn’t expect to recover files deleted a long time ago – on the first place), so do not be disappointed if files are partially recovered. To let you help to find the specific deleted files, iCare Data Recovery has a great sorting and filtering feature.


  • Effective deep scan feature.
  • Ability to restore a deleted partition.
  • Advanced filtering and organization feature.
  • Was able to recover most of the files during test.
  • Free version allows to restore only 10 files.
  • User Interface isn't that modern.

iCare Data Recovery works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview. iCare Data Recovery is a paid tool available from $69.95.

Download iCare Data Recovery Free

Giveaway: We are giving away 5 License of iCare Data Recovery Standard to 5 of our lucky readers for free. To get a Free Activation Code of iCare Data Recovery Standard, participate in this simple contest. The Giveaway will last 4 days (Till 27th September, 2012). To participate on the contest, complete one of the following process:

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