Marbles in Wanderland!: Use Claws And Other Weapons To Play With The Cute Kitten [Android & iPhone Game]

The friendly kitten Marbles is in hostile territory: kamikaze rabbits and armed with guns, dogs off ...

Marbles-in-Wanderland!-Use-Claws-And-Other-Weapons-To-Play-With-The-Cute-Kitten-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)The friendly kitten Marbles is in hostile territory: kamikaze rabbits and armed with guns, dogs off with ninja way, are everywhere and may want to eliminate the poor animal. But who says he has no weapons to defend themselves? Marbles in Wanderland! is an excellent form of entertainment for those seeking a frantic game and make good use of the touchscreen, and has good graphics made for the iOS and Android platform. What is most contagious the difficulty of the game, quite sharply, growing and challenging, and the pace of adventure that does not stop until you get hit by an enemy, it will also make you repeat challenges to achieve better results. The touch screen responds well to movement and makes the adventure even better. The graphics, despite seeming too childish, soon lose that label when violence begins - and it should appeal to all audiences. Already sounds, including relaxing soundtrack and the sounds of gunfire and animals, also leave nothing to be desired.

Marbles-in-Wanderland!-Use-Claws-And-Other-Weapons-To-Play-With-The-Cute-Kitten-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(2)  Marbles-in-Wanderland!-Use-Claws-And-Other-Weapons-To-Play-With-The-Cute-Kitten-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(3)

The problem is that only two levels that are, in essence, are practically equal, restricting the alternatives rather than those who tire quickly of the game. Still, in Marbles in Wanderland!, In the short term, it is fun for sure. In Marbles in Wanderland!, You control the cat two scenarios filled with enemies that must be fought with the sharp claws of the character, activated from "cuts" on a touch screen, the same scheme of Fruit Ninja. Besides reaching the opponents, they can contain even the shots.

The more you advance in phases, earn more money - and, with it, you can unlock more power to their claws or even more sophisticated weapons such as laser cannons and energy. Just be careful: an injury and you need to start all over again.

Check out the video demo below:


  • Frenetic pace.
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Brillant graphics and sounds.
  • Challenging difficulty.


  • Only few stages released for now.

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