Switch Controls Lite: Yet Another Customizable Power Control Widget [Android]

Switch Controls Lite is an application for you to have quick access to settings of your Android device. Here, you can customize the system ...

Switch-Controls-Lite-Yet-Another-Customizable-Power-Control-Widget-[Android]-(1)Switch Controls Lite is an application for you to have quick access to settings of your Android device. Here, you can customize the system and choose the functions they need more during the day to day. With the app, you get totally custom widgets that fit your needs. Among the many widgets available on Google Play, Switch Controls Lite surely deserves. The application is simple to use and allows full configuration of tools and visual widget. Although it is an essential function, not all developers make room for you to choose themes and widgets, for an application that appears all the time on the main screen of your device, it is great to have a system that allows making changes in color, texture and style. Therefore, customization is the highest point of the Switch Controls Lite. Otherwise, it follows the pattern of other widgets, with different possibilities of sizes and functions.So you can only have one widget Lite Switch Controls the screen with all that you need or keep several different sizes, with specific functions for every need.

Switch-Controls-Lite-Yet-Another-Customizable-Power-Control-Widget-[Android]-(2)  Switch-Controls-Lite-Yet-Another-Customizable-Power-Control-Widget-[Android]-(3)

Although a Lite version, the Switch Controls is quite useful, but if you want even more options, you can buy the full version without fear, especially if you like and adapt well to Switch Controls Lite. Once you install the app, you can now leave for the inclusion of widgets, keeping your finger pressed on the main screen of the device. Then just choose the tools you want to have handy. In Switch Controls Lite you only find eight possibilities, but can release even more features by purchasing the full version of the app.

Switch-Controls-Lite-Yet-Another-Customizable-Power-Control-Widget-[Android]-(4)  Switch-Controls-Lite-Yet-Another-Customizable-Power-Control-Widget-[Android]-(5)

After selecting the items you want to see on the panel, you can customize the whole look of your widget. Choose a background color or texture and then determine the style of icons you want to use the device and border colors. Additionally, you can set up other possibilities in Switch Controls Lite, how to create the vibrating alert so that it is triggered by modifying the settings.

Check out the video demo below:


  • Easy to use.
  • Various options for customization.
  • Useful Tools.


  • Some useful features not available (In free version).

Download Switch Controls Lite

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