THIX Dreamer: Create Drawings With 3D depth Using Only Two-Dimensional Shapes [iPad]

THIX Dreamer is a simple drawing application for those who want to create designs with unique effects on your iPad. It’s main focus is for y...

THIX-Dreamer-Create-Drawings-With-3D-depth-Using-Only-Two-Dimensional-Shapes-[iPad]-(1)THIX Dreamer is a simple drawing application for those who want to create designs with unique effects on your iPad. It’s main focus is for your tool deep, which serves primarily to allow you to create various forms at different "distances" of the screen, thus generating beautiful perspective effects. THIX Dreamer is an application that comes with an interesting proposal in the first place. But it should not take long for you to conclude that this program is actually just another design software - that, in fact, is somewhat too simple. The fact is that its ability to generate designs with depth - the biggest highlight of THIX Dreamer - is not as impressive as the application promises. With this tool, make your projects look different, but that could well be done the same way manually. Moreover, control the depth of the drawings is a real challenge. Since there is no "depth gauge," is difficult to know the distance in which each layer is drawing. The presence of only two tools in the options of the application is also far from being pleasant.You can only choose the width of the design and color of the lines to work with, which makes the software even less attractive.


THIX Dreamer performance also disappoints in the question: although it is a very simple program, testing it proved quite slow, locking easily over the drawings and particularly to use the tool depth control. With so many flaws, it is easy to conclude that this is one of those apps which you should go as far as possible. So if you need a drawing program for your iPad, it is best to stick with options like Colorbox, which is much more complete.


Control this function is quite simple. Just use your fingers to pinch the screen like you would on your other iOS applications. The more you use the approach, its design is farthest from the screen since the command to remove the leaves form closer to the screen. If you did not like the position of objects on the screen, you can also take advantage of the depth tool to change the viewing angle of the figures and, hopefully, improve the effect of their work. To do this, simply drag two fingers together on the screen of your iPad.


  • Infinite 3D space canvas.
  • Zoom in/out gesture to change the depths.
  • Pan gesture to change the position.
  • One-click erase all.
  • Infinite-level undo.
  • Color/brush picker.
  • Save the pictures to your photo album.


  • Easy to use.
  • Available for free.


  • Few tools available.
  • Poor Performance.

Download THIX Dreamer For iPad

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