Researchers Found Nanomaterial Polyurethane May Be Able To Stop Bullets [News]

Researchers at Rice University announced the development of a complex nanomaterial polyurethane whic...

Researchers-Found-Nanomaterial-Polyurethane-May-Be-Able-To-Stop-Bullets-[News]-(1)Researchers at Rice University announced the development of a complex nanomaterial polyurethane which is able to stop bullets fired by lower gauges firearm, such as the 9 mm pistols. It’s speed of repair is so quick that, even before a shot can pass through the material, substance ensures the seal, making it impossible for the bullet to fully penetrate the structure. The research team, which also includes a team of MIT’s Institute for Soldier that with the invention it is possible to create vests stronger and lighter for the police. Likewise, the technology could also be used in armored vehicles.

There’s no macroscopic damage; the material hasn’t failed; it hasn’t cracked. You can still see through it. This would be a great ballistic windshield material” said scientist Ned Thomas. He added then, “They [The layers] tell the story of the evolution of penetration of the projectile and help us understand what mechanisms, at the nanoscale, may be taking place in order for this to be such a great, high-performance, lightweight protection material.”.


In theory, if someone shoot a bullet against a glass coated with a layer of polyurethane nanomaterial, the impact of the bullets would not make it broke or cracked, but stay deformed. The research is still in its early stages, but the results are so far are very encouraging.


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