Scientists Successfully Tested “Invisibility Cloak”: Cylinder Shaped Object Became Completely Invisible During Trial

Can you remember Harry's invisibility cloak that his dad gave him in Harry Potter book series? T...

Scientists-Successfully-Tested-“Invisibility-Cloak”-Cylinder-Shaped-Object-Became-Completely-Invisible-During-Trial-(2)Can you remember Harry's invisibility cloak that his dad gave him in Harry Potter book series? That cloak had the ability hide (yes, make someone or something invisible) anything. Have you ever wanted to invent an invisibility cloak like this? According to a report published by BBC, a couple of scientists at Duke University, U.S., has managed to make an object completely invisible during an experiment with a microwave - for the first time ever in the history. According to the publication, the researchers used a kind of Stealth-shaped diamond cover (or layer) that was able to reflect light (in the form of microwaves) coming from a cylinder of 1 cm high and 7.5 cm wide.

To be able to make the cylinder invisible under the hood, the researchers had to reorganize how the microwaves that hit the diamond lined up with their ends, ensuring that the light could go through them completely, without occurring any deviation.


However, as the researchers explained, the experiment was conducted only with non-visible wavelengths of the light spectrum, and achieving the same result with visible wave lengths of light would be quite complicated. Moreover, despite the perfect result, invisibility only works in one direction, just like a deck of cards, the object again becomes visible depending on the direction in which we observe.


Anyway, even though researchers have been unable to create a cloak just like the one imagined in Harry Potter yet, the experiment is likely to have a number of further test in the future, especially in the implementation of radar and telecommunications systems, and can improve performance apparatus based on the emission of microwaves.


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