USB-AV 2012 Free: Real-time Protection From Viruses & Autorun Controller Of USB Storage Devices [Windows]

USB-AV 2012 Free is an application to prevent infections by viruses and malware that are on USB sticks or external devices. USB-AV 2012 Free...

USB-AV-2012-Free-Real-time-Protection-From-Viruses-&-Autorun-Controller-Of-USB-Storage-Devices-[Windows]-(1)USB-AV 2012 Free is an application to prevent infections by viruses and malware that are on USB sticks or external devices. USB-AV 2012 Free brings an alternative for those who often use flash drives and external hard drives to store content on multiple computers. Although the application does not have an interface itself, it relies on a kind of security screen instead that advises the protections state of the computer. There, you can get an overview of what is (or is not) enabled in your USB and if there is any file that was sent to quarantine because of virus or malware threat. What can be considered a negative point is that all alternatives customization program are the settings screen, so you can not modify the functions at the time they occur, for example. More to read.


Still, the screen to make adjustments is very well categorized, making it easy to find the resources available. Furthermore, the options often require you to select (or deselect) one box only, leaving the easy alternatives to be chosen even for beginners. Analysis for viruses is an extremely fast process, even if the device is slightly larger. It is worth saying that it varies with the storage space of the device and the number of files present in it. Another positive point is that you can use your computer normally while a scan is in progress, since it will not slow or crash your device.

The fact that the protections are activated in real time does not interfere in the functioning of the system. Additionally, the program can be installed side by side of a complete antivirus on the computer without interfering the operation of any of them. If you need an application for additional security for USB drives, USB-AV Anti-Virus Free 2012 can be a good tool to prevent infections.

With antivirus scanner and real-time protection functions, the application checks portable USB devices connected to the computer and quickly detects potential threats as well as neutralize them. You can install this tool with other complete antivirus tool and internet security suite as it doesn’t interfere with them.

USB sticks and external hard drives nowadays are more reliable data storage sources than the models used in the past. The problem is that they can go through several computers and end up being contaminated by some virtual pest midway. So it is a good idea to keep them clean always. To do this, you can use applications such as USB-AV Anti-Virus Free 2012, which is a sort of antivirus tool kind specifically for USB storage devices.


Although it performs automatic scanning when you attach any USB storage media, you can also do this manually. To check on a device after connecting it to your computer simply click the program icon with the right mouse button and choose Scan for viruses. Then, the application immediately starts scanning and, in the end, the results are displayed as a message in the notification area of ​​Windows. If threats are found, the application sends the potentially infected file automatically to quarantine. If you prefer, you can set it to ask what action should be taken in case of detecting a problem in the settings.


All settings can be adjusted using the program settings. So, you have to make sure that it is functioning as expected by configuring the Settings, leaving everything the way you most appropriate. Just right click on the system tray icon of the USB-AV Anti-Virus Free 2012 and click on Settings. The settings screen is divided into sections for easy viewing. Here, you can adjust the protections to be implemented, how the program should behave when encountering a threat in any connected device and whether it should be initialized along with Windows, in addition to defining the creation of activity reports.


  • Simple usage.
  • Settings are relatively easy.
  • Quick scanning.
  • Uses pretty low system resource.


  • Do not have an interface itself.

USB-AV Anti-Virus Free 2012 is indeed a easy and useful tool to harden your computer's security status by enabling real-time scanner and protection for external USB storage devices. It works smoothly on both 34-Bit and 64-Bit version of Windows 8, Windows 7 as well as on earlier versions too.

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