12 Great Cydia App To Make Your iPhone Worth JailBreaking [Picked]

A jailbroken iPhone can be much more attractive, mainly because this way it is possible to perform several modifications in the system, so...


A jailbroken iPhone can be much more attractive, mainly because this way it is possible to perform several modifications in the system, something that is not allowed by Apple in a locked unit. The company does this as a safety measure, since changing the operating system may cause some problems and make the smartphone unstable. However, testing the applications carefully and not installing any modification that appears in front, the chance of any problems occurring is very small. We prepared a list of 10 interesting applications found only in Cydia AppStore for you to increase the productivity of your iPhone.


SB Settings

SB Settings is one of the most interesting applications present in Cydia. With it, you can have access to basic phone functions such as enabling or disabling data network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, your IP number and a lot more customizable switches.


Before iOS 5, the SB had a Settings menu itself. With this new way of notifications on the iPhone operating system, you can integrate the application directly in the center of notifications and can access it from anywhere on the device.

To improve further, you can find custom switches and compatible with SB Settings within Cydia to other applications and functions of your smartphone. For those who like custom skins, the application also offers an extensive library of covers, all in high definition and compatible with the retina display.


The activator is usually installed with SB Settings, but can also be found in the App Store Cydia with ease. The function of this application is to provide new ways to run programs or functions.


The Activator allows you to use virtually any gesture possible to customize the application execution. You can, for example, program the device to open the browser when you shake your iPhone.

How about replacing the function of the "Home" button for another device, such as making a phone call? Or activate the camera of the device through the volume knob? With the Activator, this is allowed.


The iFile is an application for managing files on your iPhone. He gives full access to the entire file structure of the smartphone, allowing you to copy documents, items directly transmit the Wi-Fi network, locate and manage applications the same way you do on the desktop.


With the software you can also preview a large number of documents such as DOC, PDF, audio files, text and image. Moreover, it also supports compression items and direct import music into the library phone.

You can still send files as attachments in emails, copy and move files to a Dropbox account and even exchange files with other iDevices via Bluetooth.

The iFile has two versions: one paid and free, to have access to all the functions you need to purchase a software license. This can be done through the App Store and Cydia app costs $ 4: a minimum price for what it can offer.


Tired of visual standard home screen of your iPhone? Then install Winterboard and change absolutely all items of apparatus. This is a platform for topics that replaces the standard iPhone manager, allowing you to install and configure various topics aspect of your smartphone completely without running the risk of damaging the system.


After installing the app, simply access the Cydia Store to find the most diverse themes available for your device.


Do you miss having a photo of your contacts in your list within the iPhone? For the iPicMyContacts you can do it easily. The biggest advantage is that the application does not need to select the images one at a time, because we know that we do not have a picture of all the people of our agenda.


To facilitate the application offers three distinct options: look for the pictures on Facebook from friends, search directly on Facebook by the name of the person or search for images directly to Google.

Browser Changer

The iOS does not let you use as standard a browser other than Safari. So when you click a link on Twitter, for example, the device uses Safari to open this page, even if you have other browsers installed on your device - such as Google Chrome, for example.

With Browser Changer, you can change the default browser for the system software you want.Simply install the app, go to the settings screen and choose the browser you want.


You have gone through the trouble of deleting an app from your device and lose all the settings it?Imagine you've spent dozens of hours in an RPG and had to restore your smartphone. If you have deleted the app, chances are that all your progress in the game has been lost.


To prevent this, you can use the DataDeposit, a simple application that can back up data from all applications installed on your device directly into your DropBox account. Furthermore, it is possible to synchronize the data with another iGadget easily.


Through the Open SSH, you can take complete control of your application, free access as "root" of the smartphone and manage files directly from any computer.


IOS features an multitasking, allowing you to run multiple applications simultaneously. However, until the device really needs the resources used by these applications, they remain open in the system memory.

To permanently close the program, you must press the button twice "Home" and access the taskbar. Then you have to close one application at a time, which can take a long time. With KillBackground, an icon that lets you close all programs simultaneously, freeing system resources and letting the smartphone faster.


You are on the street and did not update the music library on your iPhone? All you need to do is connect the device to activate the internet and Grooveshark. Just like on the desktop, you can have access to large music library service quickly. Content plays on your device directly via streaming, not occupying any space in the device memory.



Whenever you restore your iOS or updates your version, you need to redo the jailbreak again.Consequently, all application settings are lost and you need to download and configure everything again.

To avoid this, simply install xBackup. The application can make a backup copy of all applications and also Cydia applications installed through the store alternative.


Through iBlacklist, you can block unwanted phone numbers, avoiding receive calls or unsolicited messages such as telemarketing and other flat-call. In addition, the application also features parental controls, blocking calls and several other interesting features to ensure privacy.

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