Square Planet: Take On Incredible Challenges In This 3D Universe [iPhone Game]

In Square Planet, you are a ninja willing to drop all his friends who were unjustly imprisoned. For this you will face the greatest challeng...

Square-Planet-Take-On-Incredible-Challenges-In-This-3D-Universe-[iPhone-Game]-(1)In Square Planet, you are a ninja willing to drop all his friends who were unjustly imprisoned. For this you will face the greatest challenges in a 3D scene full of obstacles and enemies. A plot entertaining, high-quality images and funny sounds make a game of Square Planet essential for anyone who wants to have fun in a game that can be a game or a casual game in goal for career. The image quality of the application is, without doubt, what draws the most attention in the Square Planet. Once you open the game, you'll notice the care of developers in delivering a gambling full details in all environments and characters. Both the iPhone version as adaptation to the big screen of the iPad does not disappoint.

Square-Planet-Take-On-Incredible-Challenges-In-This-3D-Universe-[iPhone-Game]-(2) Square-Planet-Take-On-Incredible-Challenges-In-This-3D-Universe-[iPhone-Game]-(3)

The controls are made simply and always count on great responses. Use the accelerometer to move the character ends up being a perfect option in the game. Even the iPad, which can often cause discomfort by size, the game is fun and undisturbed. The sounds of game action, although repetitive, are not enough to tire the player, mainly by the presence of a soundtrack that combines fun and a lot from the game. So, you feel even more gambling within the Square Planet.

Square-Planet-Take-On-Incredible-Challenges-In-This-3D-Universe-[iPhone-Game]-(4) Square-Planet-Take-On-Incredible-Challenges-In-This-3D-Universe-[iPhone-Game]-(5)

The level of difficulty in the Square Planet is another important point: here, you have fun challenges and at the same time, demand attention and quick reflexes. Although it has a playful aspect, the Square Planet is not a childish game, since it is not as simple as its theme suggests. To control your character, you do not need more than two movements: to make the puppet walk, simply rotate the phone sideways and make the character jump, just tap the screen.

Whenever you encounter characters trapped, pass them to release one by one. You can choose wherever floor space and define their strategies. Additionally, Square Planet has secret passages, where you can find more prisoners and can capture even more golden links.


  • Funny soundtrack.
  • Amazing visual appearance.
  • Great adaptation for iPad.
  • Quality controls.


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