Lenovo Brings hybrid Device IdeaPad Yoga 11S with Ivy Bridge processor [CES 2013]

Lenovo took to CES 2013 to announce its new series of consumer electronics, including the hybrid no...

Lenovo-Brings-hybrid-Device-IdeaPad-Yoga-11S-with-Ivy-Bridge-processor-[CES-2013]-(1)Lenovo took to CES 2013 to announce its new series of consumer electronics, including the hybrid notebook Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S. It is a laptop with excellent features and touch screen, which is ideal to run the new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8. The design of the latest hybrid device is the same as yoga 11, but actually has an important structural difference. In place of the ARM processor, the new device features a X86 chip, which allows the use of Windows 8 with all its features available - not requiring a pruned version of the operating system, Windows RT. And the processor is chosen by Lenovo featuring Intel Ivy Bridge, which should ensure good outcomes for diverse functionalities, including games and others.


As you can see in the pictures through this article, to use the device in tablet mode, you need to rotate the screen to the opposite side of the keyboard. When this happens, all the buttons are locked so that no function is activated accidentally by users. Sales of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S should begin in June and it will reach the U.S. market for $799 USD.



Specifications of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or i5 Ivy Bridge.
  • Screen: 11 inches.
  • Resolution: 1600x900 pixels.
  • Thickness: 1.72 cm.
  • RAM: up to 8 GB.
  • Memory Storage: 128 GB (SSD).
  • Price: US$ 799.

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