NVIDIA Has Officially Releases Tegra 4 processor With unparalleled performance & Energy Saving Hardware [CES 2013]

NVIDIA officially announced on Monday (7th January, 2013) during the event of CES 2013 , the release of Tegra 4 processor for smartphones, t...

NVIDIA-Has-Officially-Releases-Tegra-4-processor-With-unparalleled-performance-&-Energy-Saving-Hardware-[CES-2013]-(2)NVIDIA officially announced on Monday (7th January, 2013) during the event of CES 2013, the release of Tegra 4 processor for smartphones, tablets and notebooks. According to the company, it is the newness of the most efficient option has produced to date, featuring five high-performance cores - one focused exclusively on controlling energy consumption. Although it has the same basic functionality as the previous generation of Tegra series, the new chip is distinguished by employing a completely new architecture. Although it has not revealed the frequency of operation of the new processor, NVIDIA's CEO, Jen-Hsung Huang, said the processor has 72 CUDA cores.

Although the company has not confirmed the information, it seems that the chip was produced in a 28-nanometer process - in comparison, the Tegra 3 was done at 40 nanometers. Besides making the product faster than its predecessor, the change should help provide a lower energy consumption, resulting in the possibility of building gadgets whose battery lasts longer.


One point that generates concern about Tegra 4 is the fact that the new processor does not have an integrated LTE chip, a major criticism of the Tegra 3. Although the latest generation of Snapdragon, Qualcomm also suffer with this problem, we expect this to be resolved soon by the company - now the NVIDIA should only provide a similar solution near the end of 2013.

According to the CEO of NVIDIA, the new processor should not only represent better performance when playing games. Among the improvements offered by the product is the ability to integrate the HDR effect to photos more quickly and efficiently, using snapshot of two simultaneous images - to demonstrate the feature, he used a Windows RT tablet.


So far, the only product equipped with the Tegra 4 that was confirmed is Project Shield, handheld console developed by NVIDIA itself. Although the company has not yet announced the release date of the new product, should not take much of time based on the rumors, including the presentation of other devices equipped with hardware manufacturers.

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