NVIDIA talks about the rushing development process of Project Shield [News]

NVIDIA stunned the world at CES-2013 that happened earlier this year in the United States. The make...

NVIDIA-talks-about-the-rushing-development-process-of-Project-Shield-[News]NVIDIA stunned the world at CES-2013 that happened earlier this year in the United States. The maker of graphics processors went to the other side and decided to launch its own gaming console. Now the company has decided to reveal some interesting details about the creative process that culminated in Project Shield. According to NVIDIA, the first prototype was developed in 2012 and was still just a "games controller attached to a smartphone with wood". From this basic model, the design team of industrial company developed a device that could be comfortable in the hands of players. To ensure that the device would not suffer from the same problem as the traditional gaming consoles, which is the lack of games, NVIDIA chose to work with Android as an open source system and has a huge application database.


We’ve been talking on and off about building something for more than five years, maybe 10. We wrote all the core software to hook Android games to controllers, then we thought ‘Why don’t we just build a device with a great controller built in?
- Tony Tamasi, Senior Vice President of Content and Strategy, NVIDIA


The NVIDIA secret project suffered from a lack of time. To get the device announce at CES 2013, engineering teams flew from China and Texas to get the project finished on time. In December 2012, two prototypes were complete and, with just 19 days until the start of term, Monday, the team spent living under a diet of fried chicken and pressure testing and working long hours to finalize the products time of CES 2013.


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