Android Collection-4 : Best Photo Editing App Part 1

G uess you have snapped a picture with your android phone and now you want to share it with friends and family. But you want to add some...

Guess you have snapped a picture with your android phone and now you want to share it with friends and family. But you want to add some effect or do some edit to make it more presentable. Well you can do it with PC. But what if you don’t have a PC or you can’t edit it in PC at that time? Don’t be panic. There are a lot of photo editing tool available for android. I have decided to collect best of them. So this is the 1st part of Best Android Photo Editing Software. Also check the 2nd part “Android Collection-5 : Best Photo Editing App Part 2”.
This is the 4th post in “Android Collection” series. You can find them all Here.


This app adds film and flash effects to your Android camera’s arsenal. Vignette features 46 effects, 15 frames, a self-timer and zoom and crop features. Effects include Lomo and toy camera filters, Polaroid-style effects, cross-processing and tilt-shift.


Add film and camera effects to your photos.
  • 68 effects & 56 frames
  • Retro/vintage styles
  • LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles
  • Polaroid/instant camera styles
  • Cross-process, tilt-shift, photobooth, double exposure and more.
  • Supports the full resolution of your camera (3.1MP, 5MP or 8MP)
  • Flash (if your phone has one) (not working on Dell Streak)
  • Front-facing camera support (on some phones)
  • Self-timer and time-lapse
  • Digital zoom
  • Geotagging







Though it’s still in beta, Lightbox is perhaps already one of the most balanced camera replacement, photo styling, cloud storage, viewing and sharing suites on the Market. Though not primarily a photo styling app, Lightbox for Android has quite a respectable assortment of photo filters and its ability to automatically sync with personal cloud storage, social media (photos from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare), popular photo hosting web services and news networks makes it a fantastic, all-in-one alternative to both the stock camera and gallery apps.

Apply for Lightbox Private Beta


Spice up your pictures with the free edition of this powerful Photo editor
This is the free Lite edition, upgrade to PicSay Pro and get a host of extra tools, special effects, styles, stickers, and much more.
New, initial UI support for the Xoom, and Spring stickers!
Free lite version of the award winning photo editor. Color-correct your pictures and add word balloons, titles, graphics, and effects like distortion. All in a fun, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.
This powerful photo editor lets users correct color, crop images, add text in word balloons or as titles, and apply special effects. Users can also add sticker-like graphics to their photos. The interface is simple for just about anyone to use. PicSay Pro is also available in the Android Market for €2.99 (around $3.83) and helps users remove red-eye and apply more sophisticated effects such as cross-processing and color splashes.


Download PicSay From Android Market (Free)


Perhaps one of the most popular photo styling and sharing apps on the Android Market, PicPlz is often called the Instagram for Android. The app allows you to snap new photos or import existing ones from the gallery, choose from quite a variety of quality photo filters, apply, geotag and upload to your PicPlz, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous and Foursquare accounts. You can even link your Dropbox account to the app for automatic backup of both original and filtered photos to cloud storage.


Download PicPlz From Android Market (Free).


Camera360 is one of the Market’s oldest and most applauded camera replacement and photo styling apps and for good reason. The app sports an Image Stabilization Mode to aid you in snapping photos and comes packed with a small collection of quality photo filters, scenery frames, funny photo effects and stickers, a Tilt-shift mode that allows you to fake selective focus and a Color-shift mode that lets you desaturate (convert to grayscale) all color in a snapped photo except the selected one.
Turn your phone into professional camera. Provides LOMO, HDR, axis shift, draft, ghost, etc. and multiple styles.





Little Photo

With this easy-to-use photo styling app, you can never run out of photo filters. Little Photo’s filter assortment is probably the largest among apps from its genre. And it isn’t all quantity and no quality. The filters are fairly impressive – enough to have you flicking through them endlessly.


Download Little Photo From Android Market (Free).

Camera Zoom FX

This app packs a slew of useful features. 40 photo effects, zoom functions, photo bursts, timers, stable shot, white balance, grids and sound activation will help the serious Android photo up his or her game, and social media mavens will appreciate the app’s Twitter and Facebook integration and geotagging capabilities.



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