Tutorial To Install Linux Mint From Live CD

W hen The 1st Time I Tried Linux Based OS, I Saw It Was Easy To Install (I Used Ubuntu). But Then When I Want To Switch To Another Linux Bas...

When The 1st Time I Tried Linux Based OS, I Saw It Was Easy To Install (I Used Ubuntu). But Then When I Want To Switch To Another Linux Base OS, Then I Was Just Confused To What To Do! A Tutorial Then Help Me A lot, Here I Am Sharing This Tutorial.
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1. Boot the live CD and start Linux Mint. Don't select OEM installation. Then double click 'Install' icon on the desktop. Or you can find "Install Linux Mint" under "Menu > Administration".

2. Then it will ask you for details like time zone, keyboard layout etc.

3. Fill out and proceed. It will ask to select disk options. Select 'specify partitions manually'. After this you cannot mount any drive with Live CD.

4. Format the partition as ext2/ext3/ext4(recommended ext4). Assign a mount point. Mount point decides where to mount the partition. Normally it would be root or "/" if you want to install it on a single partition. If you are using multiple partitions, then you can choose "/", "/home", "/boot" etc, but it is a bit advanced and not recommended to newbies, though it has its own advantages. I usually use 3 partitions. Note that in any case, you must assign "/". Else it will say root not specified. It will be installed in that partition to which you assign "/" mount point.

5. Then it will ask for your name, password etc. Fill and proceed

6. Click on 'advanced' to decide where the bootloader should be installed.(not recommended to do it)

7. Normal installation will begin and after installation you can reboot to start the installed OS.

Bootloader and Dual boot

Linux Mint uses Grub 2 as bootloader. It is different from Windows bootloader and has more features. Its resolution can be changed, it can have a background, it has its own terminal etc. While installation, Mint automatically detects Windows Installations. But reverse is not true.

Things to remember

After installing packages, create a installation disk with APTonCD(Preinstalled in Mint) to keep a backup. Then in terminal, type 'sudo apt-get clean' to clean the cached packages. When you restore them, they will be copied to APT Cache and you can install them from Synaptic or Terminal. But this time they don't need to be downloaded.

Linux can handle NTFS partitions. But Windows cannot display ext file systems. You need to download Ext2FSD driver from
to enable support for ext partitions in Windows.

To place a shortcut in desktop, From mintMenu, drag the icon to desktop.

You can enable Compiz to have nice 3D effects. It is in the control center(Compizconfig Settings Manager). For example, change workspace with 'Ctrl+Alt+<navigation key>.

Download Linux Mint From Here

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