Stream And Download Media From Your PC To Android Through Wi-Fi Via Emit

I f you are tired of connecting cable from your Android device PC each and every time you want to stream or download any media (i.e. phot...


If you are tired of connecting cable from your Android device PC each and every time you want to stream or download any media (i.e. photos, videos, music etc.) , then it's time for you to check the new software Emit. It is a real-time media" encoder, streamer and downloader that will allow you to play/new media directly on your Android phone over Wi-Fi. Transferring files via Wi-Fi seems to be the future as it doesn't have wires so you don't have to pull the plug and unplug it again. All media contents will be streamed directly from your PC (whether it's Windows, Mac or Linux – it supports all) without using your phone's own storage. Anyway you can also download time for off-line viewing. Emit is a great software indeed to access in your media files stored at your PC. If you are not familiar to this yet, then read more after the fold.

First you need to install the Emit desktop software on your PC. Download links are given below.

Download and install Emit desktop application:

Then install the Android software from the market.

How to use

Once you start your applications all computers that have Emit desktop application running should appear automatically within the application when you are on the same local network. To manually refresh and search for servers press Menu button and hit Refresh.


To manually add a computer to emit press the Menu button and press "Add server". Insert your server name (pick any name you want) and the IP address of the server.

manual-server edit-server

To remove/edit a manually added server press and hold on the server name under "Source" view. A popup will appear.
Select a server under "Source" view to display contents of that server.


iTunes folder represents your iTunes media. Other folders are shared ones from the selected Emit server. Tap on folders to move through them and find your video or music.


Tap on the video or music file. Wait for buffering to end and it will start playing!


With press and hold on a movie you will get a possibility to pre-encode a movie. Pre-encoded movies will be prepared for your device and playing experience will be much better.


You can find them in Encoded folder. Encoded folder is a special folder within application which can be found if you tap on a satellite icon in top menu. If you accidentally put video to encoding, you can always cancel that. Encoded videos can also be downloaded to the external storage on Android device for offline viewing. Download progress will be displayed in Android status bar. Downloader also supports cancel downloading and resuming.


If you are not satisfied with video quality you can change profile or use custom values for quality. This is waiting for you in Settings and can be found if you press on Menu key.


Features at a glance

  • Live encoding and streaming directly to your device. No need to wait for your video to encode entirely.
  • .srt subtitles
  • Mkv subtitles
  • Pre encoding videos and download them to the device for offline viewing.
  • Download music from iTunes. Songs will be saved to: SD_Card/Emit/Music/Artist/Album/Song.mp3

Needless to say, the speed of streaming may vary with the strength of the WiFi connection. All in all, Emit for Android brings a whole new experience of remotely playing media files from your computer onto your device that makes the years-old method of copy/pasting data in and out of your computer look like a thing of the past. The free version of the app contains ads. If you don’t want ads appearing in the top-right corner of the screen during video playback, you’ll have to purchase the paid version for a meager price of $2.50.

Watch The Video Below

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