Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7 : Bringing Full Windows 8 Experience

W indows 8 is undoubtedly the most discussed Computer OS though it hasn’t yet released by Microsoft Inc. There are tons of news, leaked phot...

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Windows 8 is undoubtedly the most discussed Computer OS though it hasn’t yet released by Microsoft Inc. There are tons of news, leaked photos, discussion all over the virtual world about Windows 8. So I can’t make up sometimes which one to believe and which one to not. Which are actual truth and which are just rumors. But as I have seen in leaked photos and videos of Windows 8, I can confirm you that you are getting an unbelievable visual experience. So there’s our curiosity, how it will look like, how it make us amazed. Although it has been confirmed that Microsoft has plans to launch its new version of Windows – Windows 8 in Mid 2011 and the work is already under progress yet this is not the right time to talk about Windows 8. There is no information available on Windows 8 including any of its features or GUI till date. But Windows fans have already started dreaming of Windows 8. Specially designers have already started designing the future Windows 8 GUI based on their imagination or prediction whatever you want to call it. So many Windows 8 styles have been produced. I have already shared one of name “Windows8Menu”. I don’t know whether you tried it or not, but I did not liked it very much. Because its nothing but simple menu and it was offering only few thing. So I was unsatisfied and keep searching more. Then I found one yesterday, and I already liked it!

Microsoft’s new upcoming OS, Windows 8 has already been in the news for a while now. There will be of course a series of new features and a brand new look and feel. The user interface will be almost similar to that of Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has released a public preview of the new under-development interface of Windows 8 in a video which you can see here.

Now let me tell you about this a new product “Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7”. The 1st thing I want to say about it, it’s not only a theme, it includes icon sets, Windows 8 boot screen and of course Login screen. It’s an all in one pack. So unlike other themes, you just need to download and simply install the file. Patching, Resource hacking everything else will be automatically done.

Now the main thing, will it slow your PC down? I have tested it for almost 7-8 hours and haven’t yet felt any problems. Surprisingly, it uses only a little system resources so you may ignore it. You can run other programs and activates normally as you can do with Windows 7 default theme.

This pack includes three different themes. One is “Aero Lite Full Glass”. It will change and give you maximum enjoyment. Windows 8 style menu pack, icon sets, dialog box, close box everything.

8_skin_pack_2_0_by_hameddanger-d3jel9u - Copy - Copy - Copy (5)

The 2nd style is “Aero Lite Glass”. This is a liter version.

8_skin_pack_2_0_by_hameddanger-d3jel9u - Copy - Copy - Copy (6)

And at last “Aero Lite Basic” with Windows Classic style, uses the minimum system resources.

8_skin_pack_2_0_by_hameddanger-d3jel9u - Copy - Copy - Copy

The boot screen is almost like Windows 7, boot style is also same. Boot screen have great surreal blue Windows icon that will amaze you 1st.

8_skin_pack_2_0_by_hameddanger-d3jel9u - Copy - Copy - Copy (4)

The login screen is also surreal blue. With a artistic touch behind it.

8_skin_pack_2_0_by_hameddanger-d3jel9u - Copy - Copy - Copy (3)

Why the lock screen not be mentioned? Look the picture below. Do I need to tell about it? In a word, unbelievable.

8_skin_pack_2_0_by_hameddanger-d3jel9u - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)

In addition, there is a User Control Button on the right-bottom side of taskbar.


I like most of this set. Personally I don’t use any extra visual effect in my PC, I am just done with Windows 7’s default one, after after getting it yesterday, I can’t just remove it. But yet it have something I just can’t make me to ignore, It’s nothing with performance but it’s about an effect I don’t like. First of all, I don’t like the theme behind “Library” menu.


Then the “Close-Restore-Minimize” buttons on the left-top in any dialog box, processes, running programs. And another thing, I don’t really like the Blue border of context menu and menu options.

Snapshot 68Snapshot 69Snapshot 70

After all, it’s a great pack to try. You will be amazed with the future look of Windows 8. Give a try and I am sure you will like it.

The pack will install/replace:

  • Windows 8 boot and login screen
  • Windows 8 theme
  • Windows 8 lock screen
  • New logos for system properties
  • Windows explorer and other system files
  • Skin toolbar to change Explorer look
  • New Start menu button and taskbar
  • Set of Windows 8 wallpapers

You can make those changes back by removing the files anytime.

Download 8 Skin Pack For Windows 7 32-Bit From Here

Download 8 Skin Pack For Windows 7 64-Bit From Here


  1. Need assistance if anyone can help me solve a problem with the newly installed Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0 on a friend's computer. Downloaded and installed the software, everything was running fine, right clicked on the desktop, went to properties to make some changes. Clicked on one of the tabs, not sure which now, clicked on a color palette, changed the pale blue color to black. Now cannot see any writing on my desktop , can't see any of the wording on the computer anywhere to change it back. Computer is now totally useless because can't read any words or icons. Is there a way out of this predicament or must I just format the drive and start fresh from scratch?


  2. Why don't you just try to uninstall that Skin Pack? You don't need to format your system for this. Just uninstall the skin pack and everything will be fine.

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