Access On Acronis Cloud & Get 250GB Free Storage For 3 Months For Acronis SyncMe [Android]

A cronis is already an acquainted name within the Computer software business that excels in giving secure and reliable information backup mo...


Acronis is already an acquainted name within the Computer software business that excels in giving secure and reliable information backup moreover as storage management solutions to its users. Recently, the developed has released its official client for Android, Acronis SyncMe, that helps you to remotely access information stored on Acronis cloud. Using Acronis SyncMe, you'll be able to instantly produce and add new folders, pictures and videos to your existing cloud information or upload any file that's stored on your SD card. The app helps you to keep your content synced with any recent changes, to add content to your favorites, and provides you with choice to download information to your device for offline access. That’s not all, you'll be able to share your on-line folders with different Acronis SyncMe users or share public links of your on-line content together with your friends. The app additionally helps you to access information that you just might need uploaded from your computer via True Image 2012 – the official desktop consumer of Acronis which can be downloaded from the company’s website for free. Details to follow.


Acronis SyncMe allows you to:

  1. Sync your Android device with a computer (you will need True Image 2012 Update 1).
  2. Open your documents, music, photos etc. on Acronis on-line Storage.
  3. Add a file to Favorites to stay it up-to-date and acquire offline access.
  4. Share files together with your friends by using public links.
  5. Share folders with different users who have Acronis accounts.
  6. Upload each newly created photos, videos etc. and existing files from an SD card to Acronis online Storage.

Become a Beta tester using this link to get 250GB free online storage from Acronis:

To start using the app, you want to be logged in together with your Acronis credentials. In case you don’t have an Acronis account, you'll be able to signup for for free of charge by hitting the produce a replacement Account button from among the app. Once logged in, you’re taken to the app’s neatly designed homescreen, where you may realize all of your information organized beneath four tabs, particularly SyncMe, Favorites, Storage and Settings.

Access-On-Acronis-Cloud-&-Get-250GB-Free-Storage-For-3-Months-For-Acronis-SyncMe-[Android] (2)Access-On-Acronis-Cloud-&-Get-250GB-Free-Storage-For-3-Months-For-Acronis-SyncMe-[Android] (3)

The SyncMe tab displays all the info that you’ve stored on cloud via your device. Tapping a folder displays its contents whereas tapping a file helps you to download it to your device. you'll be able to long persist a file to feature or take away it to/from favorites, check its properties or delete it, share its download link via email. whereas on the SyncMe screen, you'll be able to faucet Menu to manually hunt for content, produce (and instantly upload) a replacement folder, image or video, Refresh all information, toggle List/Thumb (thumbnail) read or Upload a file from your SD card to cloud. The Multiselect choice among this menu helps you to choose files and folders in batch, in order that you'll simply add them to your favorites list, share them with others or just delete them.

Access-On-Acronis-Cloud-&-Get-250GB-Free-Storage-For-3-Months-For-Acronis-SyncMe-[Android] (4)Access-On-Acronis-Cloud-&-Get-250GB-Free-Storage-For-3-Months-For-Acronis-SyncMe-[Android] (5)

The Settings tab carries your account data and therefore the quantity of space for storing that you’ve consumed. beneath the “General Settings” menu among the Settings tab, you'll be able to enable or disable the automated sign-in feature moreover because the choice to sync information over Wi-Fi association solely. Furthermore, you'll allocate total Local Cache (storage area on your SD card) that the app is allowed to use. To delete all the app’s cached information directly, simply hit on the “Clear Local Cache” button.

Acronis SyncMe requires Android 2.1 or newer to run an is available for free on Android Market.

Download Acronis SyncMe For Android


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