Internet Technology Aids With Due Date Approximation

There’s no way to precisely specify the date of birth unless you schedule a C-section in advance: and even then of course you can’t know, be...

ddThere’s no way to precisely specify the date of birth unless you schedule a C-section in advance: and even then of course you can’t know, because if the baby comes naturally before the date of the C-section then, well, there you are. Technology for narrowing down the due date is getting stronger all the time, thanks in part (as is everything these days) to advances in internet technology.

Online calculators use high speed internet connections to throw a whole lot of calculating power at due date approximations. Roughly speaking, the calculation goes like this:

Take the known first day of the last menstrual cycle prior to pregnancy – in other words, the last time you last bled, before you realised you were pregnant. In general terms your due date is thought to be 280 days after that last day of menstruation.

If you know the exact date of conception, you add 266 days and there’s your due date.

An online due date calculator, which uses the connections provided by high speed internet providers to run through a list of algorithms, uses the above figures and is based on a period of gestation lasting for 40 weeks. That’s roughly equivalent to the 9 months that we generally apportion to a human pregnancy.


More important, frankly, than knowing the rough due date of your baby, is knowing what you can expect during each trimester of your pregnancy. A trimester is a period of pregnancy during which specific things are supposed to happen. It’s here that the technology really needs the bandwidth – which is why the connections offered by high speed internet providers are making a difference to the level of detail an expectant pair can glean from online due date and pregnancy calculation sites.

For example – increased download capabilities mean that expectant parents can see ultrasounds of fetuses at similar trimester stages. They can use the images, in conjunction with links and text, to learn more about the natural progression of their own pregnancy. Mums and dads can also use the enhanced interactivity made possible by modern high speed internet connections, to get in touch with other people going through the same situation. A modern due date calculation site can be a resource, a chat room and a support group all rolled into one.

One of the most important functions of a pregnancy site is to make women and their partners realize that they are not the only ones going through these massive changes. The internet has always been about information and understanding – which is why Wikipedia is so massive – and the advent of the new high speed internet providers has allowed its technology to ramp up to- the next level for most homeowner. With this upscaling comes a potential for really cross referencing different programs, sites and information sources – so the whole experience of discovering your pregnancy online becomes quicker, slicker and much easier to get involved with.

The internet’s core technology is all about interaction – between sites and pieces of information as well as users and web pages. Modern pregnancy calculation is thus able to make use of more complementary streams of data and information to provide a better picture.

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