Study By Forbes Says That Firefox Is The Least Secure Browser Comparing Chrome & IE [Funded By Google]

Recently from a study by Forbes says that comparing with Google ’s Chrome and Microsoft ’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox is the mos...

Study-By-Forbes-Says-That-Firefox-Is-The-Least-Secure-Browser-Comparing-Chrome-&-IE-[Funded-By-Google]Recently from a study by Forbes says that comparing with Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox is the most unsecure browser. While this study is funded by Google itself, we guess how appropriate the study is but Forbes seems to open all the document in a 140 Page study which makes their stand on this point. According to the study, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are competitive while Firefox can’t even got a chance to stand. Google Chrome is a bit ahead of IE. As I said, it is funded by Google so are you going to believe this theory?



  1. Sounds insane and completely biased

  2. Yeah, I am fully agreed with Rik_kt. Funded by Google means the result is completely in the favor for Chrome which is a Google product itself.

  3. Funny! Why should you believe in a study where Google Chrome is best and which funded by Google itself!!!


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