Bring Windows 8 Like Lock Screen & Login Menu In Windows 7 Using Win Lock

From the release of Windows 8 Developer Preview, every new visual features like Metro UI, New Start Menu, Powerful Explorer, New Lock scree...

Bring-Windows-8-Like-Lock-Screen-&-Login-Menu-In-Windows-7-Using-Win-Lock-(4)From the release of Windows 8 Developer Preview, every new visual features like Metro UI, New Start Menu, Powerful Explorer, New Lock screen and more has attracted earlier Windows version user. Developers from then tried to make the look of Windows 8 in Windows 7 or earlier and as of this result we have came thorough a lot customizer software for Windows. Now to bring the latest Lock Screen and Login Screen of Windows 8 on your native Windows 7, we are reviewing an app called Win Lock. Win Lock is a nice alternative for those who want to bring some of the look of Windows 8 in your current operating system, since the features offered by the program are extremely similar to what is to be used in the next OS from Microsoft. This software is easy to use and works on Windows 7. Details to follow.


To get started with Win Lock, download the file and then install it. Once the software is installed, execute it from shortcut. You will then be took to the home window of the app. The home menu contains 8 button including Your Name, Set Password, Select Background, About, Reset All Values, Start On Windows Startup, Check For updates and Exit.


Once you have finished setting up the options, the Windows 8 lock screen will be displayed every time you login to Windows with your selected background.


To access to the login screen, double click on the lock screen (In Windows 8, you just needed to swipe the window to top). Now enter password to get access. You can Sleep, Hibernate, Restart and Shutdown your PC directly from the lock screen by clicking on the Power button.  


Win Lock’s usage is very simple and once installed, the software only needs to be executed to bring the new Lock screen feature in Windows 7. The configuration At this point only missing the Picture Password lock of Windows 8. The program works as an alternative rather then replacing the original login screen of Windows itself.

Win Lock works on Windows 7 and need .Net Framework to be installed to run.

Download Win Lock

Download .Net Framework

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