Lion Secret Allows To Change Advanced Mac Settings Without Accessing Terminal Command

If you are curious and always likes to play around with all settings on the Mac but are really not wanted to open the Terminal and do somet...

Lion-Secret-Allows-To-Change-Advanced-Mac-Settings-Without-Accessing-Terminal-Command-()If you are curious and always likes to play around with all settings on the Mac but are really not wanted to open the Terminal and do something wrong and damage your system, then Lion Secrets is a great application for you! It’s main advantage is to be completely harmless and easy to move, and you can change and undo changes at any time. Want to brave all the secrets of his Lion and stir in the settings that you would not normally have access? The Lion Secrets is a simple application that makes it possible. It allows you to change various details inside your Mac without having to open the Terminal.


The interface of Lion Secrets is very simple, containing some navigation tabs at the top to facilitate it’s usage. In addition to allowing access to hidden options, the program details everything about your computer, both about the Hardware info and the Software info as well as system version, updates, etc. Just click on the About This Mac tab for the info.


To go straight to the settings, go to Mac Secret. There are six different options for configurations, each with several specific customizations: General, Dock, Finder, Mail, Safari and Screen Capture. Changes are usually made to enable choosing between Enable or disable something, however - especially in the dock settings - you can find to change the magnification details.


Some settings shown at the Lion Secrets can be made directly, without it’s help, such as changes in size and behavior of the dock. However, some important options (like adding a button on the Finder menu to terminate it) are also available in it.

When you save changes, it asks to restart the applications that had modifications. It is fast and no need to restart the computer, it only takes a few seconds. If you want to undo the change, just make your way back, changing the parameter again.

Lion Secret is a free tool works on Mac OS X Lion.

Download Lion Secret

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