Things To Know Before Dual Booting : Details & Pre-quests With Recommended Processes

There are lots of operating system nowadays and it becomes quite a bit harder to choose specific one and to carry on with that operating sys...

Things To Know Before Dual Booting  Details & Pre-quests With Recommended Processes

There are lots of operating system nowadays and it becomes quite a bit harder to choose specific one and to carry on with that operating system. Although there are only three major operating systems available calling Microsoft windows, Macintosh and Linux. But these are only top levels of operating system. Every act single one of them has some variation too. Like for Windows, you can choose one from Windows 7 or Windows XP (or others). The open source Linux has so many different operating systems to count. Some most popular Linux based operating systems are Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint. Again each one of those operating systems have different versions of their own. So what will you do if you have only one computer and need to use more than one operating system at once? Either you can mark a operating system that you use most as host and then run other operating systems as guest OS using a virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMWare. Apparently you do not have to complete experience of that guest OS while using a virtual machine. Another way is you can install operating systems in a dual boot mode so you can run each one of them individually which is much swifter and user-friendly. So before going to do dual boot, you should be aware of some points. Follow to read more.

What Is Dual Booting?

In a simple view: Dual booting means running a single machine under two different OS at the same time. You can dual boot your PC, Smartphone, X-Box and others. For instance: You brought a Windows notebook but you want to try out Fedora OS with it. Dual booting will give you the ability to use your Notebook with Fedora without hampering your current Windows OS. You can choose which OS you want your machine to be ran each time you boot that. Dual Booting is a easy simple process by which you can have multiple OS experience in single machine.

Dual booting in PC can be done by a Windows OS booting with another version of Windows OS, a Windows OS with a Linux OS, a Windows OS with a Hackintosh OS. And also with two Linux OS, Linux OS with Hackintosh and with two Mac OS or with a Mac and a Windows OS and so more. These days there are so many Operating Systems are available for you and to choose the right one you should at least try a couple of them. And for that, Dual boot is today becoming a regular process with every one.

System requirement

You have to meet the minimum hardware is requirement before running an operating system. The minimum requirement of hardware configuration varies from OS to OS. For instance, in order to run Windows 7, you need to have a minimum of 1 GHz processor with at least 1 GB RAM and 16 GB free hard disc space. While Ubuntu 11.10 needs as little as 384 MB RAM and 3-4 GB hard drive space. So make sure that your computer meets this minimum requirement before installing an operating system.

Now you need to have DVD writer or USB port from where you can burn or create bootable drive for installing OS. Needless to say that you need to have a blank CD/DVD disc or a 4 GB pen drive.

Recommended Software

You'll need a software that can create bootable CD/DVD or USB drive for installing new operating system. UNetbootin is the recommended solution for this. UNetbootin can be done on Windows, Linux and as well as Mac OSX so you will be create a bootable disk/drive from any operating system using UNetbootin.

Before installing an operating system, it is better to try it using a virtual machine first and then make sure that you have at least some basic usage about that operating system so that you're not going to throw it away the right after installing. To run an operating system virtually, we recommend to use VirtualBox. It also supports Windows, Linux and Mac.

Things To Note

Each operating system has its own method to perform actions. You cannot wish to make Linux works as Windows or Mac. All of these operating systems have their own positive and as well as negative sides. You should not give up trying an operating system just because it doesn't works like any specific other. For instance if you are a Windows fan, then you'd find it really difficult to use Ubuntu. But you should not give up at once whether you can get to Ubuntu for some time and I guess then you'll be able to find the real beauty inside it.

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