Backup Selected Files Directly To USB Stick As ZIP Manually Or Automatically Via FBackup For Windows

FBackup is a freeware backup utility tool for Windows used to make copies of your files so if your local storage have any problem, you may ...

Backup-Selected-Files-Directly-To-USB-Stick-As-ZIP-Manually-Or-Automatically-Via-FBackup-For-Windows-()FBackup is a freeware backup utility tool for Windows used to make copies of your files so if your local storage have any problem, you may not loose your files. It is very easy program to use where you can save backup files as ZIP format on you local drive for directly to a USB Stick. You can also schedule backup on timely basis to USB/Local or online storage. FBackup is a very good program for those looking for computer security and safety for free. It works on completely unique and useful concept. For example, you can back up and save directly on your memory stick via FBackup. And, in addition to above, FBackup is quite light-weight comparing with similar programs and so it consumes considerably low system resource so you can continue regular computer task while backing up in background. With FBackup, you can select desired and important files and folder to backup and save them online or USB Stick as ZIP and you can also Encrypt the ZIP file with password for protection. More to read.

Download and install the FBackup to continue. Once installed, run the program and first click New to create a new backup. Then choose a name for your backup, select Local or Network to save backup file, select drive (Partition or USB Stick) and select folder where the restore file will be saved and click Next.


Then add the folders and files to be added to the backup by clicking on Add folder. Try Include or Exclude to have better control over desired files/folders. You can select which files and folders to be backed up manually or select one of the predefined backup task from the drop down menu just below What Do You Want To Backup? text. The default backup tasks include FBackup Configurations (Plugin), My Documents (Plugin), My Pictures (Plugin), Outlook Express (Plugin) and Windows Mail (Plugin). Click Next when done.


From the next window select whether the backup should be complete or not and whether you want to encrypt it to increase its security (and if so, set a password). Click Next after you finished this.


Finally make a schedule whether you want to backup manually or you want to run the process on timely basis. Click on Save and select Save and run to save the backup settings and run it.


FBackup will now start to backup your selected settings. Depending on selected files and folders size, this process might take some time.


Once you have finished backing up, this will be displayed on the left panel of FBackup window.


To restore anything, click on the corresponding backup file and click on Restore. Then, set the location to restore the files and how they should be restored. Also define process priority to control RAM usage. Then click on Finish.


The software based on two functions – perform backups and restore from that backup. The user interface of this application is very organized and easy to use. Simply choose a new backup, what, when, how and where to do it. Ready. It's simple. And if you want to get rid of a file selected, just exclude it from filter. The program also supports  add-ons that amplify the power of its use. Check the following video.

FBackup is a brilliant free tool to backup you files and documents regularly and save them. FBackup runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download FBackup

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