Sync Breeze Allows Two-way Sync Between Multiple Directories And Other Automatic Backup Methods [Windows]

It is always a good idea to keep safe important files such as working papers, documents, personal images or personal videos and music you do...

Sync-Breeze-Allows-Two-way-Sync-Between-Multiple-Directories-And-Other-Automatic-Backup-Methods-[Windows]-()It is always a good idea to keep safe important files such as working papers, documents, personal images or personal videos and music you do not want to lose. With the evolution of cost-effective flash drives and portable hard drives, you now don’t need an expensive server to back up your files. The feature of syncing/backing up files automatically like copy/store files from one location to another automatically is a useful feature that has been lacking in Windows. So, the user needs to copy and paste files manually which can be time consuming, boring and often results in misplacing and misjudging files. Sync Breeze fixes this limitation of the Windows Operating System to allow the user to coordinate and synchronize files from specific folders to desired location fully automatically. This way is much easier to back up important files without spending hours at the computer to them manually.


The ways you can synchronize different folders is noteworthy since the program does much more than just sending files from one location to another. You can configure automatic sync of the two directories, so that any change in one will reflect on the other. Likewise you can also keep up multiple versions of the same file without being altered. This allows you to monitor the progress of a document and even recover older versions that have been deleted by accident and containing important data.


Sync Breeze is a really easy program to manage with a modern and effective user interface. To add a new folder to be synchronized, just click on Sync and then select target directory to be synced and also select the destination directory where the files will be saved. Also select sync method (how it will be synced) and then use other tabs for customize more if needed (Let’s just leave them). Then click on Sync.


The two directories will be synced now and then you will see the result. You can also save the result as a new command so that you can monitor the changes from the main window.

Sync Breeze is indeed a useful tool to automatically maintain and sync multiple directories and keep your files safe. Sync Breeze is a freeware application runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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