Buying New Phone: 6 Best Benchmarking Tool To Run Before Deciding Which One To Select [Android]

Nowadays, when you go to buy a smartphone, you feel buying like a desktop computer. If it was just pick the one with the coolest style, no...


Nowadays, when you go to buy a smartphone, you feel buying like a desktop computer. If it was just pick the one with the coolest style, now we need to keep an eye on the processor, storage capacity, graphics chipset, RAM and more. Well, after analyzing many reviews, comparing products and hearing the opinions of friends, did you made the right choice? Most of the time depending on others prove to be not useful – don’t get me wrong, of course they are trying to help you, but getting helping from yourself is the best option. So, how do you get help from yourself if you have no idea about what you are doing? Now, here comes the main importance of benchmarking. The benchmark is a word often used by fans of technology to test the performance of their hardware, whether it’s a powerful computer, a new video card or trending phone. What benchmark means is it runs a number of tests with your hardware and then rates it based on the test report. So, if you are going to buy an Android device soon, what you should do is to run benchmark tools and then decide whether it’s worth of buying or not. Now, don’t waste your time anymore as we are, for you, going to share a list of brilliant benchmarking tools for Android.


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Quadrant is one of the most popular applications for performing benchmark on Android. This is due to the ease of use as well as the results brought by the software. With the program running on your machine, realize that it brings a simple and straightforward menu. There, you can determine that it performs a customized benchmark (available only in paid version), bring information of the device or make the entire process - and it is the latter that we use.

Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(17)  Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(1)

Just push the tool for the Quadrant start working. Everything is done automatically, and the app performs tests CPU, memory, database and graphics processing in two and three dimensions. Upon completion of the benchmark, the software requires an Internet connection so that the final results are shown. There you can see the score according to the parameters of the Quadrant and how was the performance of the gadget on other devices.


The GLBenchmark is a program to measure the performance of your mobile with respect to graphic requirements. Unlike applications "normal" benchmark, the focus here is not trying to stress the CPU as much calculations, but see what is the performance obtained in processing units in three dimensions. Thus, the GLBenchmark aims to determine the graphics power of your device, challenging him through several tools, most of them based on OpenGL ES. The app features 33 different tests and is very easy to use.

Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(14)  Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(15)

First of all, make sure you account with an Internet connection, because this is a requirement for the benchmark run. Then, the application also suggests that you create an account with the service. This task is optional, however, is highly recommended, since through this registration you are able to manage the results of your tests, keeping them for a possible comparison. Record created, it is time to challenge the power of your Android device. GLBenchmark The menu has some options, such as information about the tests, results, configuration options and the main section: Performance Tests. Just tap this button to access the benchmarks brought by the software. There are several configurations available, all focused on different graphical effects. If you do not want to spend time moving them, select Direct "All".

Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(12) Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(13)

This alternative is the most time consuming (when prepared this tutorial, all tests took about 15 minutes to run). However, it makes life easier for those who do not know much about and do not know very well what benchmarks choose. With the work finished, the GLBenchmark displays the results as a list, showing what was the testing and performance of your machine. Finally, in addition to allowing you to compare the results themselves (if signed up), you can also visit the developers' site and check how was the performance of that unit tests made ​​by others.

Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark

Now that we have tested the unit as a whole, let us also remember one of the most important tasks of a mobile device, to bring its owner a good performance when surfing the internet. Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark is a program that aims to evaluate the browsing speed by applying several different tests accordingly. Once you access the app the first time, it offers the opportunity to follow a brief explanation of each of the benchmarks that will be made in the equipment.

Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(6)  Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(7)

Among the tools used are performance evaluations in HTML 5, JavaScript engine, reading different textures, links between different scheduling schemes, scrolling and several other benchmarks "third party" and that work online. Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark runs about 10 tests in total and at the end of it, immediately brings the score obtained by your machine. On the same screen, you have the option to share the results, so you can compare the performance of your gadget in relation to other people.

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark is one of the most respected developers to Android for those who enjoy tinkering on the device as root to do and go for a little more advanced tasks, for example. AnTuTu Benchmark is the company's program aimed at testing the performance and is one of the most well-recognized market. Your work is more “common” ie it does not focus on anything specific, but the potential of the unit as a whole.

Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(2)  Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(3)

With the application installed, note that the interface has two small menus, one at the top of the screen and one on the bottom. The first is that you have access to key tools AnTuTu Benchmark: view the results, see the performance obtained according to a ranking and the benchmarks themselves. Testing this option, you are able to determine which benchmarks you want to accomplish. The alternative recommended by the software itself is the realization of all, which includes CPU and memory tests, 2D and 3D graphics, speed read and write data and communication with the SD card. The complete benchmark takes about five minutes. In the finished, you can see the performance of the apparatus in each test. Furthermore, the graphics option at the bottom of the screen allows you to compare the result obtained by the gadget its other similar devices.

CPU Benchmark

If GLBenchmark measures the graphics capability of your Android device, the CPU Benchmark focuses on CPU performance of your phone. The program works in a simple manner and is directed more to those actually performing overclocking and want to compare the performance of the apparatus according to the frequency of the processor.

Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(10)  Buying-New-Phone-6-Amazing-Benchmarking-Tool-To-Run-Before-Deciding-Which-One-To-Select-[Android]-(11)

With the program installed, tap on "Run Test" to get the result shown by your gadget. The service works very quickly. Pressing the button options on your phone, you are able to view all results of tests already performed.


BenchmarkPi The other option is to determine the processing speed of your machine. That is, the application works by making your gadget calculate the value of Pi, and the sooner he does, the better your performance. The application works similarly to Super PI program, widely used benchmarks for computers. The BenchmarkPi starts with a tap "Benchmark my Android." Everything happens quickly, and the result is brought in a few seconds. The lower Pi calculation time, the better will have been tested.

The program also allows you to share the results, stating which version of your system, as the name of the ROM used alternative. In fact, he has some rankings, showing the best performances by others. Although the top positions are clearly wrong results, you can also find the actual performance of other devices - something very nice for you to make comparisons.

So, that’s our favorite tool to benchmark Android. Those tools mentioned here each has several unique feature and worth of try. You should be able to pick your favorite one perfectly after running those benchmarks. What do you think?

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