Best Android Antivirus: Keep Your Android Gadget Safe With Our List Of 9 Best Free Android Security Tool

If Windows has been the most popular operating system among computers and laptops, Android grows overwhelming and is increasingly consol...

Best Android Antivirus Keep Your Android Gadget Safe With Our List Of 9 Best Free Android Security Tool (1)

If Windows has been the most popular operating system among computers and laptops, Android grows overwhelming and is increasingly consolidating its market leadership in mobile smartphones. The problem is that all this success also attracts the attention of malicious people, who create devices to steal information and perform many different types of digital crime. So if the computers use antivirus to defend our machines, phones and tablets that is no different. It is great to to know that there are already several programs that work in this direction - some even come with brand names behind its development. Check out our favorite list of good programs that can defend your Android device against malware and other threats. As usual, we have listed only free Antivirus/Anti-Malware tool for Android that should be able to keep you safe. Although from some recent survey and tests, many geeks are now saying that Android Antivirus is almost useless as they cannot detect most of the suspicious threats. But if you ask me, I will suggest you to be safe rather then being sorry as even if those antiviruses are able to catch a single threat, it can save some times for your. So check out our list of best Android Antivirus.

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Lookout Mobile Security

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Lookout Mobile Security is our first choice in free security tool. For those who only are suspicions about their applications, Lookout Mobile Security is a good thing, because scans performed in all programs on your Android. Although it does not have a tool to scan for other types of files (such as images, for example), it has other functions as a backup system that sends the information of your contacts to the official website of the application, allowing the rescue of these data whenever necessary.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite

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Kaspersky is one of the major antivirus for computers and makes success all over the world. The company also now seeks to conquer the smartphone market, bringing a security tool for pocket devices. Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite provides functions to scan the internal memory and also the data stored on memory cards inserted into the device. Moreover, the application has several features to block sensitive information. However, as the version of this antivirus for Windows, here the main features of the program are also paid.

avast! Mobile Security

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avast! is my favorite Windows Free Antivirus (Although I’ve currently bought another one). avast! Mobile Security can perform full scans on the data of your mobile gadget. In addition, he has other interesting features to ensure your privacy and security of the unit as a anti-theft alarm, for example. This function is the highlight of the software and allows you to make an alarm is triggered and you get the location of the phone through the GPS, making it possible even recovery of the gadget.

Comodo Mobile Security & Antivirus

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Comodo Free AV Mobile Security is a program very complete and has a wide range of tools. With it, you can perform malware scans on the device, manage processes and applications, block numbers for calls and SMS and make use of a space for private calls and messages, all protected with a password.

Zoner AntiVirus Free

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The Zoner AntiVirus Free is a program that works very intuitive and friendly way. So that is accessed, the software offers an option to perform a full scan of the device data. Moreover, like most of its competitors, it also has other functions such as alerts theft. Among these tools, the differential is due to the ability to block access to certain applications of some functions of your Android.

Avira Free Android Security

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Avira Free Android Security works as a security software that does not work against viruses, but against people. This is because the main function of the program is to allow you to access your device if it is stolen. Through a record previously held, you can enter in your phone remotely, managing to block it through a password or if you prefer, causing an alarm to sound and report the thief. In future versions, the application should also allow you to get the data off the device and prevent the offender to see your data.

AegisLab Free Antivirus

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As for those who just want to keep an eye out for viruses that may have contaminated the data from your Android, AegisLab Free Antivirus is a good alternative. The program works seamlessly, giving each of the files on your device. In addition, he also conducts searches in real time and periodically, always keeping the integrity of your gadget.

AVG Mobilation Antivirus Free

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The program has a great brand behind its construction - and this may be one of the reasons for its success. Besides the name, AVG Antivirus Free Mobilation also features many useful tools such as scanning all programs that are installed in the gadget and monitoring in real time while using the device. To complete, the software also has several other functions such as application manager, backup services (for backup programs, this is paid) and synchronization for remote access via internet.


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AirCover The program seeks to be a fairly complete as regards the security of your Android device. Therefore, the application has six options in total, all distributed in an organized interface. Each tool works with a different function, such as scanning for malware, backup information, and alerts of robbery and theft alerts that are sent to insurance contacts.

So, do you have any other favorite tool to use? Share your thoughts here.

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