Record The Audio: 6 Best Free Audio Recorder Tool Record Any Conversation Or Lecture [Android]

What means a smartphone if it doesn’t have a sound recorder? Good for Android , there’s already a built-in tool to record sound in there. ...


What means a smartphone if it doesn’t have a sound recorder? Good for Android, there’s already a built-in tool to record sound in there. But as like other native tools, this too doesn't have much feature to satisfy the users so here comes the third-party tools. Record class lectures/guidance to follow later or speech to write on or a music to search later or even an ordinary conversation can be a great outlet for those who have trouble memorizing some content when they are only spoken. The problem is that you do not always have a tape recorder. For those who have a smartphone with Android, it's no problem. There are lots of tool available in the Google Play Store to let to record anything anywhere and some of them are free of charge. We have today selected 6 of those free tools to record sound and sharing our list with you. So check out some applications for Android that can help you record and edit audio files captured by the phone itself. All tools are free, although some have paid versions as well. More to read.


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TapeMachine Lite Recorder

TapeMachine Lite Recorder is without doubt one of the most complete applications when it comes to audio recorders. Besides being very simple to use, the app has a file editor, allowing you to copy, paste or delete portions of a conversation.

Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(1)  Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(2)

The ability to add distortion effects and the content is also captured a large differential in the TapeMachine Lite Recorder. People who like to customize the applications you use will certainly be impressed with the different skins offered by the program. A great option to record and make quick edits to podcasts.

Simply Sound Recorder

For those who want a simple and efficient implementation, Simply Sound Recorder is the best option. The quality is impressive in capturing the audio, leaving many competitors weight back.

Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(3)  Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(4)

The application interface also draws attention because, besides being simple and well organized, brings the animated image of a K7 tape in the background, providing moments of nostalgia when you use the features offered. Simply The Sound Recorder also has several settings for you to customize the application screen.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Lite)

The Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Lite) calls attention with the large amount of settings it offers. In addition to options to customize the interface, the application brings up some very interesting items for appliances that have more than one microphone. With it, you can select which of the capture devices will be used, using only one or both, capturing the largest possible amount of sounds.

Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(5)  Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(6)

Another feature worth mentioning is the fact that the application allows sending of files stored by email or through services like Skype and WhatsApp. The capture of the sound also leaves nothing to be desired when compared with other applications.

RecForge Free - Audio Recorder

The RecForge Free - Audio Recorder deserves a place in the list of the best applications primarily for its funky and handy interface, with all custom icons and rock with a texture very different from other tools. Moreover, the application allows you to record content in MP3 and OGG, without any restriction.

Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(7)  Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(8)

A feature of the app that calls a lot of attention is the large number of services supported for you to share audio files with friends. SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Ubuntu One up on the list. The RecForge Free - Audio Recorder also has an audio editor that, although simple, performs its task very well.

AL Voice Recorder

AL Voice Recorder is a voice recorder for Android. available for free on Google Play. The application lets you create audio files easily and to share through e-mail message.

Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(9)  Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(10)

Besides voice recorder, the Al Voice also works as audio file manager. With it, you can rename and organize the items on the memory card or the device itself. The look of the app is very simple and there is no secret to use the functionality offered by the application.


SpeakBin is the ideal tool for anyone who likes to create quick notes, reminders or small observations. The application also allows you to share content recorded on the official website or through your Facebook profile.

Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(11)  Record-The-Audio-6-Best-Free-Audio-Recorder-Tool-Record-Any-Conversation-Or-Lecture-[Android]-(12)

The app's interface is simple and easy to use. With just two taps on the screen, you can now quit talking SpeakBin that takes care of capturing the audio and send it to the web.

Here goes the list of our favorite free Audio Recorder tool for Android. So, what do you think, do you have anything else in your mind? Be free to share it with us.


  1. Recforge has input level control which is a must. Not only that but is adjustable live while recording! Great little app!

  2. The second app of the list - Simply Sound Recorder - is actually Easy Sound Recorder on the Google Play store. The author probably made a mistake or the app has since changed its name. Just thought I'd let readers know. It's a great and visually pleasant app!


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