CrazyKartOON Free: A Racing Game Full Of Crazy Obstacles And Amazing Tracks [Android & iPhone Game]

CrazyKartOON is a racing game where you drive a toy car through psychedelic tracks. With fully modeled 3D environments and many obstacles, y...

CrazyKartOON-Free-A-Racing-Game-Full-Of-Crazy-Obstacles-And-Amazing-Tracks-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-()CrazyKartOON is a racing game where you drive a toy car through psychedelic tracks. With fully modeled 3D environments and many obstacles, you need to concentrate to get the best times to beat opponents. CrazyKartOON is a very fun racing game that puts you in control of a toy car that runs on tracks 3D hallucinating. All circuits are full of obstacles and items that help you during the race. The gameplay of CrazyKartOON is very sharp. In difficulty level Easy, the game helps you make the curves smoothly and accurately jump ramps, allowing you to get used to the mechanics of the game smoothly and progressively. The tracks have a crazy style and are very fast. The explosions generate hits and throw your car sideways in an exaggerated way - but without the car losing momentum - and the obstacles in the middle of the curves are real challenges for the riders. CrazyKartOON is available for Android and iPhone devices for free. More to read.


The graphics of CrazyKartOON are very interesting. All objects in the game were modeled in 3D cartoon style and follow a very beautiful and colorful. The scenarios, for example, have crooked buildings and other structures weird. In turn, the special purpose call a lot of attention with explosions and light rays striking. The whole sound does not disappoint, with a very lively music during races and realistic sound effects. The game, due to the large amount of funds shown on screen at the same time, it is a bit heavy and can be slow at moments of euphoria.



CrazyKartOON presents a very attractive proposal for gamers lovers of racing games. With a well defined mechanical and smoother game play, do not you lose the momentum of the race at any time, players can have lots of fun while honing their skills on the slopes of the crazy title. There are several models of cars available and plenty of clues for you to play alone or with other competitors, which are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence.


  • Cartoon rendering
  • Incredible speed sensation
  • Huge jumps
  • Great arcade physics
  • Customize your Crazy Kart
  • Shoot other karts with your rockets
  • Music and sound environment friendly
  • Upload your Score and enter in the World Ranking
  • Full version of "CrazyKartOON"

Although CrazyKartOON game may seems to be a bit childish considering the low-quality graphics but the game is real interesting for fun racing. If you do not like serious racing games then this game may suite you. CrazyKartOON works on Android 2.1 or later and iOS 4.0 or later and is available for free on Google Play and iTunes App Store.

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