BPMinus Beta Allows To Change Tempo, Pitch, Stereo Mix & Equalizer Of Song Without Changing Quality

BPMinus is an amazing and easy to use sound equalizer tool for Windows that allows musicians and producers (as well as simple listeners) to...

BPMinus-Beta-Allows-To-Change-Tempo,-Pitch,-Stereo-Mix-&-Equalizer-Of-Song-Without-Changing-Quality-(1)BPMinus is an amazing and easy to use sound equalizer tool for Windows that allows musicians and producers (as well as simple listeners) to control the speed (Tempo), frequency (Pitch), Loop and effect equalizer of songs without changing the pitch and with minimal impact on the overall quality of the audio. BPMinus has a real attractive and modern User Interface comparing with other sound editing tools we have featured yet. It can be seen easily in the creation of the fancy menus and buttons in software. In addition, all tools are easily found and used, simply adjust the sliders at desired levels. The best feature of BPMinus is quality, it can change everything without even a snitch on the Sound Quality. The software has other tools such as pitch correction and analysis of beats per minute (BPM). Currently BPMinus is on Beta phase and full free to use. Although the developer says that it would be paid on final release, yet you can try the free Beta version for free. To change the tempo of a song without losing the tone, it used a technology called Phase Vocoder.

What BPMinus do is offer different ways to enjoy it. One is called the Rubber Band, which is the default decoder of BPMinus, characterized by the flexibility of its adjustable parameters. Again, the DIRAC is the Phase vocoder which provides high quality, consume relatively little system resource. This pattern is used by different companies, including Steinberg, Autodesk/Discreet and Prosoniq. Another Phase Vocoder used by BPMinus is SoundTouch which is the standard used by the open source community. The Audacity, one of the most advanced and free sound editor, uses SoundTouch.


To get started with BPMinus, download and install it first. Once installed, run the program to get started. Now add songs from File menu or simply by drag-n-drop feature. When you add a song to BPMinus, the application automatically reads the information about the artist, album, title, year, genre, track numbers and disc, as well as the BPM. The software even displays the album cover if available.


You can changer the Tempo, Pitch, create a loop, Mix Stereo settings or control equalizer from the right side. Once you are done with all changes, you can save it from the File menu.


From the Options > Settings, you can change the default theme of BPMinus, choose the default format to save the edited files, enable Force Mono Mixing and check for new updates.


There are also advanced settings with which allows you to control technology used by BPMinus. These are options that allow you to find the best balance between performance and quality. If you are a professional music composer, these options can be of great help.


For licensing issues, the BPMinus has no compatibility with some audio formats. However, the program supports several additional file formats via Add-On found on product webpage. BPMinus is in Beta stage currently and, it is free at this moment. However, developers say they are going to charge for the software from final version. Those who contribute by reporting and solving bugs during the beta phase may be rewarded later. BPMinus works on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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