Change Or Recover Windows Password, Get Saved Passwords From Browser & Others With Advanced Password Recovery

It is very difficult to remember passwords if you use different ones for each service such as emails, messengers, log on to Windows or Inte...

Change-Or-Recover-Windows-Password,-Get-Saved-Passwords-From-Browser-&-Others-With-Advanced-Password-Recovery0It is very difficult to remember passwords if you use different ones for each service such as emails, messengers, log on to Windows or Internet. Most people uses the same password in all of those services. Although it’s make sure that you are not going to forgot that single password, but it is highly recommended to use different password for individual services since your privacy and security is related to this. Advanced Password Recovery is an excellent way to recover passwords which are saved on your PC, but you can not remember anymore and also it let’s you control the Windows logon password. Both functions are performed without incident and a very easy way. Even the least experienced users can manage this application in a short time as this tool has a simple easy-to-understand UI with only a few but useful buttons. The highlight of Advanced Password Recovery is the password recovery feature. It scans in directory and browser for saved passwords and then lists all passwords with username and then saves it in a txt file. More to read

Advanced Password Recovery is an application that can patch and recover/manage Windows logon passwords. Using it, you can not only retrieve passwords that you can no longer remember, but also the activation code (serial) of a product that you purchased. It is a portable tool so you need not to install it to use. Just decompress the downloaded archive file and run it. In the first tab, which is Windows Account Management, you can change the password of a Windows user. Just choose one of them from Username, enter a new password and click Patch.


If you do not remember the password or activation code of a program, but know where (Which program) it was save, then you can retrieve them easily. In Password and Serial Recovering, simply select the type of application, like saved passwords in the browser or logins for messengers, and then select program directory and then click Recover.


Recovered passwords will saved as a text file with respective details and Username.


It has two other tools. One is Password Generator Manager which generates random and highly secure password. Just determine the password length and then select whether it’s going to be Alphabetic, Alpha-Numeric, Numeric or Alpha-Numeric with Special Characters. Then click generate.


The other tool is Password Encryption Manager which lets you encrypt and decrypt passwords using another password. It will let you carry all your passwords with you safely since they are encrypted.



  • Manage the Windows Accounts
  • Change all user passwords
  • Remove all user passwords
  • Enable Logon Patcher
  • Generate with multi-options, random strings/secure passwords
  • Encrypt/Decrypt any string or text with password
  • Recovery Messenger and Related/Windows and Office/Browsers
  • Wireless passwords/keys

Advanced Password Recovery is a good tool to recover Windows password, patch Windows Logon, retrieve saved passwords from Browser and as well as restore product keys from applications. Advanced Password Recovery is a free and portable tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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