Get On The War Zone As A Military In Gun & Blood: First Person Shooter Game [Android]

With a neat visual effect and exciting soundtrack, Gun & Blood is a great choice for FPS (First-Person-Shooter) fans who want a brillian...

Get-On-The-War-Zone-As-A-Military-In-Gun-&-Blood-First-Person-Shooter-Game-[Android]-2With a neat visual effect and exciting soundtrack, Gun & Blood is a great choice for FPS (First-Person-Shooter) fans who want a brilliant game, but not too heavy for your Android. As all the action happens in a static scenario, your device does not need a tip setting to shoot without suffering from slowdowns and crashes. The concept is very simple and that’s why it is one of the most enjoyable First Person Shooter games for Android. The controls are simple and facilitated through the commands make it fun, since there is no hidden secret to equip a gun and go fight. Although you need to adapt to the style of each piece of equipment, this point is what serves as an incentive for you to continue advancing in his military career. Thanks to several films and war games, many people think being a soldier is easy. Wearing a uniform, pick up a gun and go into battle until it seems simple and poetic in the big screen, but is not as pretty in real life. Whether you have spent hours in front of the Call of Duty, this experience will help you just in a situation. However, knowing that this would be a bit more like being in a conflict area? Although not the same thing as reality, Gun & Blood simulates very well the feeling it is to be in front of an enemy and having only a few seconds to shoot before the opponent does.


For this, it turns your Android device into a training area, complete with multiple locations that can serve as a hiding place and challenge the rival army to survive without any coverage. Your challenge is to have cold blood just to face the enemy and pull the trigger so accurate as soon as possible. A small meter shows the short time available before you become a target. These are quick seconds you should shoot without mercy, preferably at points vital to have left for a second or third soldier opponent. In addition, you must master the weapon used. Altogether, Gun & Blood carries various types of equipment available, each with its own characteristics and that will directly affect their survival.The pistol, for example, have a lower firing power, but is much more accurate than a potent gun. Factors such as shooting speed and strength of the recoil are important to stop opponents more efficiently.



Moreover, the beginning of each match, you have the option of buying new weapons, ammo and accessories. Another option is to improve the items that you already have, either by adding laser sights or something that reduces the recoil of the shot. The gameplay is very simple and intuitive. You control your gun from your tablet or touchscreen smartphone, always trying to reach the opponent's vital points. The left side of the screen, two buttons will help you with the shooting and reloading, saving time between one wave and another attack. At the top, you can manage your weapons quickly, buy more ammo or simply use a first aid kit to recover from the damage caused by enemy soldiers. If things get any worse, you can still call the Air Force to hurl bombs on the place and end any threat.

After all, Gun & Blood is a great shooting games that has good visual attraction with various function and works smoothly too. Gun & Blood is a full free game for Android and works on Android 2.2 and later.

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