Manage Multiple Cloud Services & Social Networks From Desktop Using SocialFolders [Windows & Mac]

SocialFolders is a new way to let you access to some famous social networking sites and cloud storage at once right from your PC. Currently...

Manage-Multiple-Cloud-Services-&-Social-Networks-From-Desktop-Using-SocialFolders-[Windows-&-Mac]-()SocialFolders is a new way to let you access to some famous social networking sites and cloud storage at once right from your PC. Currently it supports Box.Net, Evernote, Facebook, Flicker, Google Docs, Photobucket, Picasa, Twitter, YouTube and few other services. With itm you can upload and share images on Flickr, and Facebook, download all published picture from there and upload and download files from Google Docs. You can also upload videos to YouTube and download photos of Instagram and so more with this simple tools. Once you install SocialFolders, it will create a folder on Favorite just like Dropbox. From the moment when you connect a service compatible with SocialFolders, a local folder in that SocialFolders folder will be created on your computer. While connecting a service, it will ask you to choose which folders you want to add to user SocialFolders account. SocialFolders will then start downloading files on that folder in you computer. Each time you upload an image in an identical folder, it will automatically share it on that service and vice versa. This means that you can download and upload multiple files simultaneously without opening a browser and login accounts synchronized. The service provides automatic daily updates, but you can perform a manual sync at any time from the system tray icon. SocialFolders is available for Windows and Mac.

SocialFolders has an interesting concept. The program provides what is needed to upload and download files and images to different social networks in an automatic route. You can do everything manually, but the software also does the job alone well. It is the solution you need to work with Google Docs files offline or when you need to download all images shared by your or shared by your friends in Facebook. Another thoughtful feature is the synchronization between services. For example, you can have all your photos synchronized from Flickr to Facebook. SocialFolders is not an application for you to follow the tweets of your contacts or the status of your friends on Facebook. What it does is to facilitate the upload and download images and other files. You could also say that the focus of SocialFolders is to power up photo upload and management through different services. But you can also use as a backup service for your mostly use Cloud Service or Social Network.


To get through with SocialFolders, you have to first install it on your computer and then create a free account on SocialFolders by completing the required form with name, email address and password. Once the program is installed, a special folder will be created on your computer. With the name Social Folders, you will find it in your favorites easily accessible through Windows Explorer – just like Dropbox.


You must add the services that you want to connect to SocialFolders to start sending and receiving content. Use the system tray icon of SocialFolders to connect to the service, update your folders or change your preferences. Right click on the system tray icon and then click on Connect to my service to connect a new service or click on Refresh all my services to check if any content remains to be downloaded or uploaded. The following services are compatible with SocialFolders:

  • Box (Uploading and downloading files).
  • Facebook (Upload and download photos).
  • Flickr (Upload and download photos).
  • Google Docs (Upload and download files).
  • Instagram (Download photo).
  • Photobucket (Upload and download photos).
  • Picasa (Upload and download photos).
  • SmugMug (Upload and download photos).
  • Twitter (Download photos).
  • YouTube (Upload video).

Once you add a service, you can change and control which files and folders will be synchronized from the account settings page. For example, check how I am using SocialFolders to download all images shared by one of my friends in Facebook.


Check out the video below to know how the app works:

SocialFolders is indeed a useful program for those who do a lot of work online or who are highly addicted to social networking site Facebook and Twitter. With a brilliant and rather unique concept, SocialFolders aims to make your social life easier. SocialFolders is available as Windows and Mac application.

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