Effectively Search For Duplicated Files With Percentage Matches & Filter Via Anti-Twin For Windows

Anti-Twin is a free application which has been built to help you identify different types of duplicated files in your computer under certain...

Effectively-Search-For-Duplicated-Files-With-Percentage-Matches-&-Filter-Via-Anti-Twin-For-Windows--()Anti-Twin is a free application which has been built to help you identify different types of duplicated files in your computer under certain conditions and filters. There’s a lot of space in hard drives nowadays while even Terabyte drive is available in a cheap price. While there’s a lot space available, it’s also been very easy to loose track of files in your HD. So don’t be surprise when you got a low memory warning even after having this huge space. Duplicated files are one of the many reasons of massive space wastage. On our short test, Anti-Twin proved to be real functional in search of duplicated files on percentage basis. It’s also very flexible in time to have displaced the folders to be examined, it was able to work with subdirectories, folders within a home network and even entire drives and files to the system without problems. In deed, the file comparison feature brought by Anti-Twin works very efficiently, especially the two who stand as the Differential application: assessments by bytes and in the case of images, comparisons by the pixels of the images.  In our tests, both methods worked quite well, identifying files by size and also by the image points. Although the program completed a lot slow, yet we got the expected results. More to read.

Anti-Twin is available as both installable and portable package. Although we are going through the portable package in this article, the installer one is most recommended. Once you install the software, run it to get started. All you need to do is to specify the folder/directory it will scan for duplication. You can also choose a 2nd folder/directory to compare both folders. For those who want to make a most thorough scan, the program allows you to specify entire drives to find duplicate data, and also examine folders located on a home network or on mobile devices such as memory cards and USB drives.


Although there’s many tool available to search for duplicated files, Anti-Twin is unique and most effective because of it’s searching method. Anti-Twin not only determine the duplicated files by name, but comparing a file size in bytes and if the file is image, determine similarities in accordance with the number of matches found in pixels between the photos. Simply click on File Filter to do so.


Then compare with work done, the program provides a list containing all the results. There you can delete files and send them to the Recycle Bin or if you prefer, move them to another directory inside your computer.


Anti-Twin is a brilliant freeware tool to search for duplicated files (specially images). It is available as both installer version and portable version. Anti-Twin works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP while we also tasted it successfully in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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