Windows 8: How To Enable Delete Confirmation Dialog To Reduce Accidental File Deletion [Tutorial]

Windows 8 comes standard automatic deletion of files, removing Delete Confirmation dialog that poppe...

Windows-8-How-To-Enable-Delete-Confirmation-Dialog-To-Reduce-Accidental-File-Deletion-[Tutorial]-(4)Windows 8 comes standard automatic deletion of files, removing Delete Confirmation dialog that popped up in the earlier version of Windows while you try to delete a file. Meanwhile, although this small modification makes managing folders a little faster, it is also something that can cause problems, like the fact you delete things by mistake. For me, this has be another bad move in Windows 8 and I really like the good old fashioned delete confirmation pop up. Because I mainly use Delete button on keyboard to delete any file instead of Right Click > Delete, so without the confirmation dialog, a lot files are getting deleted accidentally. Hopefully, Microsoft didn’t removed this feature like they removed the traditional Start Menu, instead, they have just disabled it. To reactivate delete confirmation dialog, follow the steps in this article and the problem will be solved.


To reactivate the Delete Confirmation dialog box, we first have to access to the Recycle Bin properties. Just right click on the Recycle Bin icon from the Desktop, and select Properties.


If you have hidden the icon, open Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E) and go to the Desktop to view it.


On the Properties window or Recycle Bin, you will find a option saying Display delete confirmation dialog. Mark this option (Select it if unchecked) and then click OK.


By following these steps, you should be able to reactivate the Delete Confirmation dialog. However, if you ever delete the files using Shift + Delete hotkeys, regardless of the settings of the Recycle Bin, a confirmation appears - after all, there is no way to recover deleted files easily by this method, except for using data recovery software like Recuva or File Wing.

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