How To Disable SmartScreen Filter In Windows 8 Consumer Preview Or Internet Explorer

One of the latest added security features of Windows 8 is SmartScreen. SmartScreen is a service designed to identify applications downloade...

How-To-Disable-SmartScreen-Filter-In-Windows-8-Consumer-Preview-Or-Internet-Explorer-(6)One of the latest added security features of Windows 8 is SmartScreen. SmartScreen is a service designed to identify applications downloaded from the internet that can be dangerous. When performing a file, Windows displays the new alerts when there is some risk. The filter is similar to that used in Internet Explorer feature, which alerts you to malicious sites. Although SmartScreen is meant to protect your system from unwanted threats but most people might find it total waste of time to allow each application. The problem is, SmartScreen can be inconvenient and quite and block almost all types of programs as well. Not infrequently, it displays unnecessary notifications identifying safe programs as potentially dangerous. Although considered to be inconvenient for those who have experienced Windows 8, SmartScreen is a feature that provides additional security. Therefore, we recommend you to disable this feature only if you follow other safety measures.


As mentioned, we do not recommend you to disable this feature because that can be a threat for your Computer Security. You can run applications through Windows 8 SmartScreen filter (In other word, bypass Windows 8 SmartScreen filter). To do so, just click on More Info from the SmartScreen filter notification pop up and then click on Run Anyway.


In order to disable the SmartScreen filter on Windows 8, open the Action Center first. To do so, click on the Flag Icon from the system tray and then click Open Action Center.


In the opened window, click on Change Windows SmartScreen Settings from the left panel.


A small dialog box will open and you will have three options:

  • Require approval from an administrator before running unrecognized programs from the Internet – is the default SmartScreen settings of Windows 8 Customer Preview, the option stricter security therefore displays more warnings and notifications.
  • Give a warning before running unrecognized programs from the Internet, but do not require administrator approval – does not require administrator permission, but notifies unknown applications.
  • Turn off Windows SmartScreen – disable the feature completely.


To stop receiving alerts and notifications, select the last option and click OK.

SmartScreen for Windows 8 is inspired by the feature of Microsoft's Internet browser, Internet Explorer, which can also be disabled. To do this, follow the path Tools > SmartScreen Filter > Turn Off SmartScreen Filter.


Hope this will help you to use Windows 8 more effectively. Stay Tuned with use for more Windows 8 related tutorial and how-to guides. Also leave a comment here or contact us for any problem to get quick solution.

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