Boot-Time Defrag & Automatic Defrag Your HD To Eliminate Fragmentation With IObit Smart Defrag 2

A fragmented HD causes real frustration to many computer users because it makes the whole usage experience unstable and slower. Fragmentatio...

Boot-Time-Defrag-&-Automatic-Defrag-Your-HD-To-Eliminate-Fragmentation-With-IObit-Smart-Defrag-2-7A fragmented HD causes real frustration to many computer users because it makes the whole usage experience unstable and slower. Fragmentation is one of the major causes of your PC slowing down. So to make and keep a productive system as well optimize your PC for maximum performance, getting rid of those fragmentation is a must. We have already shared what is file fragmentation and why does fragmentation occurs and two freeware tool to defragment your HD called Auslogics Disk Defrag and Jwansoft Disk Defrag. Today we are walking along with another brilliant free defragmenter tool called IObit Smart Defrag. This comes from one of the most reliable system utility tool developer IObit who have developed Advanced System Care. The latest version of IObit Smart Defrag, version 2, brings some excellent maintenance alternatives such as Scheduled Defrag, Boot-Time Defrag and Automatic Defrag to let you stay at more ease. IObit Smart Defrag 2 is indeed a full free effective software to eliminate all fragmentation from your HD to improve performance. More to read.

During installation, it will ask you to silently install three other tools from IObit called Advanced SystemCare, Game Booster and IObit Malware Fighter. You can choose not to install them by simply clicking on Skip.


Once install, run it to get started. You will then get the main window of Smart Defrag on your display. One of the big advantages of IObit Smart Defrag 2 is the ease of carrying out the process. Defragmenting a disk is real easy, simply select the drive you want to defragment and then click Defrag to start the process.


It supports three types of defragmentation process. The fist one, Defrag Only is the normal defragmentation, while the second one  Defrag and Fast Optimize - performs a quick defragmentation and optimization of HD and finally Fully Optimize and Defrag makes complete defragmentation and optimization of all files.


The Boot Time Defrag allows you to configure how often Smart Defrag will try to defragment files that cannot be moved or changed safely when the system is running. That means it will try to defragment those files during boot. You can schedule Boot Time Defrag for every system startup, every day, or a specific day, such as every two or three days, depending on your usage.


Automatic Defrag works by performing defragmentation whenever the computer is inactive. So, if you leave your PC to perform some other task and leave it on, IObit Smart Defrag 2 starts working automatically when the system is idle.


IObit Smart Defrag 2 also supports two skin. One is the dark default theme and another is Mac style white theme. You can change skin from Skin.


From Settings, you can configure preferences of the Smart Defrag easily. Like if you don’t want it to load during startup and end immediately while closing, unmark those two options and click OK.


IObit Smart Defrag 2 is a great tool to keep your HD free from fragmentation of files and make your Windows faster. This is a full free tool works on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and as well as on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download IObit Smart Defrag 2

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