CheckDiskGUI Works As A Graphical Interface For Windows’ chkdsk Tool To Check & Fix Bad Sector

After a long time of using a hard disk, many problems might occur. The constant access to data as well as storing and deleting files may cre...

CheckDiskGUI-Works-As-A-Graphical-Interface-For-Windows’-chkdsk-Tool-To-Check-&-Fix-Bad-Sector-3After a long time of using a hard disk, many problems might occur. The constant access to data as well as storing and deleting files may create Bad Sectors which are just simple wasted/unusable sectors of HD. Any data stored in that Bad Sector will become completely unrecoverable and also you will not be able to store anything there. One way to verify the status of the disc and try to fix problems with bad sector is by using the chkdsk command in Windows. CheckDiskGUI was created only to make a better way to use that chkdsk utility. It is nothing more than a GUI tool to the disk checking feature offered from the early versions of Microsoft operating system. CheckDiskGUI is very handy when verifying the disk and solving the problems of Bad Sector. CheckDiskGUI is a GUI tool for using the analysis feature of disk integrity offered by Windows. It makes the use of chkdsk much simpler, without the user having to open the command prompt to type long and cumbersome. The application takes up little space and consumes relatively low system resource while using. Also, this is a portable tool so just need to double-click on it to run. One interesting feature of CheckDiskGUI is allows checking multiple disks at the same time, an option unavailable in chkdsk through the Windows command line.

As mentioned above, you don’t need to install the tool to try it as it is a portable one. Simply run in. Using CheckDiskGUI is real easy. The application interface has only one window, where it lists all available drive that you can check and buttons to control actions. The application does not allow to change any configuration and has a limited number of options which can be found in the menu bar.


CheckDiskGUI offers two types of disk checking. The first, Read Only, only analyzes the hard drive for errors, while the second option Fix tries to repair the bad sector. The third and last one Fix and Recover, tries to fix and recover data from Bad Sector.


Just select one of more drive to check or fix via chkdsk and then click on either Read-Only, Fix or Fix and Recover as you need. Wait until it finishes the process and check results.

CheckDiskGUI is an useful tool for those who are not so familiar with Windows’ chkdsk feature. It works as a GUI bridge between the user and the Windows’ native tool. It works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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