Where's My Water? Free: A Real Addicting Game Of Strategy & Reaction [Android & iPhone Game]

When playing Where's My Water? Free, You'll have fun with the simplicity of the game and at the same time, the intensity of the chal...

Where's-My-Water-Free-A-Real-Addicting-Game-Of-Strategy-and-Reaction-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (1)When playing Where's My Water? Free, You'll have fun with the simplicity of the game and at the same time, the intensity of the challenges. Even with a playful theme, the game must be successful in adults, since the games are anything but simple to resolve. The best of Where's My Water?, is that it doesn’t get boring even for a minute. The game always ends up innovating and bringing new products at every step. Therefore, you may find yourself addicted to gambling, playing the game without wanting to stop. What makes gambling even lighter is the accuracy of controls and entertaining sounds during matches. The Where's My Water? is a game that will not leave you bored: here, your mission is to bring water to an alligator, you need to bathe. For this you need to dig, carrying water to the pipes.Halfway there, rubber duckies also expect to receive water, the more ducks are wet, the more points you earn. It is available for both Android and iPhone with Paid and limited free version. More to read.

Where's-My-Water-Free-A-Real-Addicting-Game-Of-Strategy-and-Reaction-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (7)

The game's controls are all made by touching the screen and you just need to slide your finger on the display to make the earth out of the way so that water reaches its destination. As you progress through the game, new challenges appear and need all the attention not to lose any water. In some cases, sponges are capable of sucking all the water, other acids, can destroy the ducks and the alligator. The Where's My Water? can be lowered in both your smartphone and on your tablet and the game has more than 100 levels (Free version got 25) for you to have fun without limits. Whenever you think you can have a better on stage, just repeat the dose and its best results can always be saved in the app.

Where's-My-Water-Free-A-Real-Addicting-Game-Of-Strategy-and-Reaction-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (6)Where's-My-Water-Free-A-Real-Addicting-Game-Of-Strategy-and-Reaction-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (5)

Where's-My-Water-Free-A-Real-Addicting-Game-Of-Strategy-and-Reaction-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (2)Where's-My-Water-Free-A-Real-Addicting-Game-Of-Strategy-and-Reaction-[Android-&-iPhone-Game] (4)

Check the video demo below:

Final note, Where's My Water? is one genius game from famous entertainment company Walt Disney and it will make you enjoy every moment you play. Where's My Water? works on Android 2.1 or later and iOS 4.0 or later. Link for the free version of this game for both platform given below.

Download Where's My Water? Free For Android

Download Where's My Water? Free For iPhone


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