Defraggler: Analyze Your HD To Defragment, Check Health/Status & Re-Organize With Boot-Time Defragmentation [Windows]

Comes from the same developer (Piriform) of the most famous Junk Cleaning Tool CCleaner and File Recovery Tool Recuva , Defraggler is a bri...

Defraggler-Analyze-Your-HD-To-Defragment-Check-Health-Status-&-Re-Organize-With-Boot-Time-Defragmentation-[Windows]-5Comes from the same developer (Piriform) of the most famous Junk Cleaning Tool CCleaner and File Recovery Tool Recuva, Defraggler is a brilliant and freeware defragmenter tool for Windows. Unlike other similar tool we have featured previously, it looks more like professional and it has the ability to completely replace Windows’ default defragmenter tool. Coming from a reliable developer, this tool is safe to use and risk-free. After our test, we concluded with the fact that Defraggler is undoubtedly one of the best alternate defragmenters available in the market. Besides being totally free, the program takes up very little space on the system with a fast and full-effective operations. But the real highlight of the program is the feature to defragment a specific file or folder only which ensures faster time to clean the fragmentation. It all adds up making Defraggler one of the best options available in the market. More to read.


Defraggler is a brilliant tool indeed. It has a easy-to-use interface with details of each drives to make it easier for you to determine what you need to do. While starting the app, it performs a quick scan over your HD and show each drives status. Unlike other conventional defragmenter tool, it also has separate algorithm to display defragmented files in a list, search and disc health including temperature, benchmark result (Device, Firmware, Serial Number, Interface etc. as well as Drive Letter, Buffer Size, Rotation Speed, Power Cycle Count and Power On Hours).


To get started with, just right click on any of the driver you want to Analyze/Defragment and click on Analyze Drive or Defrag Drive. Selected drive will then be automatically analyzed and defragmented.


If you want to defragment during boot (To move and defragment essential system files which cannot be modified while the system is running), click on Settings > Boot Time Defrag and then select what you need.


After analyzing a drive, File List tab will show detected defragment files in a list. There you can select specfic file(s) to defragment.


From Settings > Options, you can configure the preferences of Defraggler. If you want to get back Windows’ default defragmenter tool, move to Advanced tab and uncheck Replace Windows Disk Defragmenter (by default, it replaces the native one).


Defraggler is a brilliant freeware Disk Defragmenter tool for Windows. It is a great alternative for Windows’ Default tool both for the amateurs and for professional users. Defraggler works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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  1. Nice it, the explanations, and statistic are very useful, thanks, I downloaded the latest version Defraggler, and after reading your post I understood where there could be errors . Now I`ll make the installation without errors. And I hope for a correct and effective work.