Enjoy All Types Of Audio & Video File With Open-Source Multimedia Player Called UMPlayer [Windows, Mac & Linux]

UMPlayer is an open source multimedia player to play all types of audio and video files aiming to provide a full multimedia experience. It i...

Enjoy-All-Types-Of-Audio-&-Video-File-With-Open-Source-Multimedia-Player-Called-UMPlayer-[Windows,-Mac-&-Linux]UMPlayer is an open source multimedia player to play all types of audio and video files aiming to provide a full multimedia experience. It is a brilliant and freeware cross-platform tool that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It does it’s job very well, since with it you can open any media files from your computer and besides it has easy access to streaming videos and online radio sources. Anyone looking for a versatile media player that is powerful and also simple and lightweight, UMPlayer is easily one of the best choice for him. Besides playing with no problem most of the audio and video formats today, the program has a number of options that allow you to adjust its operation from preferences for utmost satisfaction. What disappoints the program is only the lack of a pre-configured list of radio and online television. With this, you will need to search for addresses and configure them manually if you want to access some kind of streaming content. The result is the reproduction of content without any kind of locking with a number of features that make online experience even better. Undoubtedly, UMPlayer is one of the best multimedia players available today and nobody will be disappointed when using it.

To ensure compatibility with a wide variety of formats, the program comes with many codecs.Thus, in addition to ensuring a more comfortable use, it dismisses the need of downloading additional codec packs. One of its highlights is up to the well organized interface, which allows you to quickly select what you want. Another thing to consider is that, this tool can be run anywhere as it supports all three desktop OS.


In addition to compatibility with any audio format and video, the point that stands out most in UMPlayer is the amount of options available. Via the settings panel, you can fully adjust the way it behaves - the result is you make this application works just like the way you want.


The online streaming feature is a great plus point here. You can stream video from any URL and add online radio station to listen brand new music every time. Moreover, this tool has a built-in YouTube video search feature that allows you to search YouTube video directly from the media player and then stream it without even opening your browser.


UMPlayer is a really amazing open-source multimedia player that supports wide range of Audio and Video formats. UMPlayer is available for Windows, Mac and as well as for Linux too.

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