UltraDefrag: An Advanced Free Disk Defragmenter Tool For Windows

UltraDefrag is one well-known freeware defragmenter tool for Windows. Although it’s interface is a bit old looking and harder comparing wit...

UltraDefrag-An-Advanced-Free-Disk-Defragmenter-Tool-For-Windows-4UltraDefrag is one well-known freeware defragmenter tool for Windows. Although it’s interface is a bit old looking and harder comparing with other defragmenter tool we have shared previously, yet if should not be a problem for you because it’s way more lightweight and tiny in size (Less then 500 KB). UltraDefrag has been on the market for a long time and now it hit on the fifth version of it’s product. UltraDefrag now has a new look, with considerably greater speed and capabilities that enhance the defragmentation process. This software supports the defragmentation of drives and FAT, exFAT and NTFS file systems. UltraDefrag performs analysis, defragmentation and optimization of the drives and partitions it finds on your computer. In addition, the program can also perform such procedures on removable storage units. UltraDefrag surprised us during our tests. It proved to be one of the fastest and most effective defragmenter tool in our Test. More to read.

The new version of UltraDefrag is considerably better. It increased speed of defragmentation, which reduces the time needed to organize data on the hard drive. The few interface changes are interesting, especially for those looking for an easy to use app. All processes performed by the program are still a little slow, but it all depends on how many files and folders on your HD. Anyway, we recommend to you that should give a try to this tool.


To use UltraDefrag, just install it and then run it. Once it initializes all detected drives, it will display them all in the main window as list view. Just mark the drives you want to analyze or defragment and then click on the Defragment icon from the top menu.


You can also perform fast optimization or full optimization on the drive from Action menu.


You can also enable Boot time scan from Settings > Boot time scan.

Although this tool might look a bit unprofessional comparing with other tools we have shared, yet it is one of the best free solution can be found out there. It has many advances options to give your complete control. UltraDefrag works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download UltraDefrag

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