Fast Facebook (Beta) Is A Beautiful Unofficial Facebook Client With ICS Based Interface [Android]

Fast Facebook (Beta) is an unofficial Facebook client for Android with beautiful user interface and menus. Compared to most of the apps th...

Fast-Facebook-(Beta)-Is-A-Beautiful-Unofficial-Facebook-Client-With-ICS-Based-Interface-[Android]-5Fast Facebook (Beta) is an unofficial Facebook client for Android with beautiful user interface and menus. Compared to most of the apps that offer access to social networking, it certainly stands out and is well worth the download. All functions bring icons quite clear and if you're already accustomed to using Facebook, should have no difficulty identifying the Tools menu of the images. Even if you take a while to get used to the format of navigation, the Fast Facebook (Beta) is not that difficult to understand. The minimalist interface does not leave aside the most important tools of the network, however, the app disappoints for not having basic possibilities in the use of Facebook, how to add captions to photos posted via the app. The ability to customize the background of the application gives more positive points to the application and if you do not have images that suit, do not worry, because the Fast Facebook (Beta) brings quality pictures to make the look of your profile even better, but remember that the substantive changes made here do not affect how others view your profile.


Being in beta phrase, the application still shows some errors, but the trend is that developers bring news and updates until the system reaches the final version without bugs. If you do not mind bumping into buttons that do not work, the Fast Facebook (Beta) is certainly a very interesting alternative to access Facebook. Otherwise, run it as the final version does not reach Google Play.


Fast Facebook (Beta) is an application made as to who links the visual apps you use. It has a ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) based minimal and beautiful. This leaves the app with a minimalist look and lightweight, ideal for those looking for an alternative to Facebook applications, almost all very similar. To use the app you need not be an expert in operating system: just install the application, login with your account and authorize the application so you can access the network and make publications through Fast Facebook (Beta). All you need is in the menus at the bottom and top of the screen. If wanted, you can also customize the Facebook Fast (Beta) by putting your own photos or choosing background themes predefined by the developers.

Fast Facebook (Beta) is a beautiful tool to use Facebook from your Android device. What impresses most is the astonishing minimal look of the app. Fast Facebook (Beta) works on Android 2.1 or later and available for free on Google Play.

Download Fast Facebook (Beta)

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