Mem Reduct: Monitor Computer Resource Usage & Optimize Memory/Page File In One Click [Windows]

Mem Reduct is a tool that monitors the usage of physical and virtual memory of your Computer as well as page files of your Operating System ...

Mem-Reduct-Monitor-Computer-Resource-Usage-&-Optimize-Memory-Page-File-In-One-Click-[Windows]Mem Reduct is a tool that monitors the usage of physical and virtual memory of your Computer as well as page files of your Operating System and let’s you optimize memory/page file for instant boost. With it, you'll know instantly when the system resource consumption of your computer is very high so you take action before the machine begins to slow down or crash. This is a real tiny tool available as both installer and portable version. Being easy-to-use, Mem Reduct is the ideal application for those who want to keep an eye on memory consumption of the computer easily without wasting any resource. The best thing of Mem Reduct is it allows you to clean and optimize physical and virtual memory in one single click when needed. During our test, the application was very stable and effective. No unexpected error was detected. Cleaning the memory with the program is really effective, leaving the system noticeably faster to perform some simple tasks. Although the program does not allow many options to customize the settings offered, yet it’s worth of trying. More to read.

When you run the program, an icon will be displayed in the System Tray through which you can view the percentage of physical memory usage of the computer. By default, this information is updated every five seconds (500 milliseconds), but you can change this time to the desired value. If the consumption of computer resources is very high, you can clean up some memory areas to prevent the system from hanging up. For this, just click on the Memory Reduction from the right-click menu of the system tray icon.


To check detailed info of Physical Memory, Page File and System working set, double-click on the system tray icon.


To configure Mem Reduct, click on Settings from the right-click menu. You can change alerts, refresh rate, auto-reduct if the memory usage is high etc. from here. To change monitor refresh frequency, change the value in Refresh system tray information every field.


In addition, you can determine which memory areas are are to be cleared when you click Memory Reduction.

Mem Reduct is a useful free tool to monitor and optimize computer/system resource usage. Mem Reduct is available as both installer version and portable version. This tool works on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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