Songza: Stream & Listen To Music According To Your Mood Anytime [iPhone]

If you enjoy music, like to have listings that match your mood of the day or prefer to give his decades as artists, can have much fun with S...

Songza-Stream-&-Listen-To-Music-According-To-Your-Mood-Anytime-[iPhone]-(1)If you enjoy music, like to have listings that match your mood of the day or prefer to give his decades as artists, can have much fun with Songza. The application brings playlists ready for you to just enjoy the music in the style you want. Songza is an application made as for those who enjoy music, enjoy meeting new bands and do not want to spend time creating playlists or download music. The ease of finding lists is one of the advantages of the app, especially the division of music by style, mood and activities. Thus, it is simpler to have songs of different styles without worrying about anything. Songza's interface is simple, but it is nevertheless to be modern. It somewhat resembles the iTunes Store itself, which greatly helps in navigation, so nobody will have trouble understanding how the system works. Best of all is that it costs nothing and Songza lets you listen in full songs from various artists, including maintaining the application in multitasking: when you lock your device or other applications open, the music will not stop ringing.

Songza-Stream-&-Listen-To-Music-According-To-Your-Mood-Anytime-[iPhone]-(2)  Songza-Stream-&-Listen-To-Music-According-To-Your-Mood-Anytime-[iPhone]-(3)

Once you open the first Songza, you will need to login to continue using the app. You can use your Facebook account to provide data to the application. For this, simply login with their network account and authorize the application to use their basic data registration, such as name and age. Then the Songza is ready to be used and opens a new window with all the options you need for fun. At the bottom of the screen you will find buttons that allow you to meet new artists, styles and ready to browse playlists, plus you can create your own lists.

Songza-Stream-&-Listen-To-Music-According-To-Your-Mood-Anytime-[iPhone]-(4)  Songza-Stream-&-Listen-To-Music-According-To-Your-Mood-Anytime-[iPhone]-(6)

In the menu "Discover" you will go through several lists ready, where you can choose the songs you want to hear by decade, gender and even the types of activities and humor with which they combine. Upon hearing a list, you can place it inside another list you create. So in addition to listening to the playlists automatically, you can create new, having their face. These lists will then appear in the "Collection". Furthermore, you still have the menus "People", where you can interact with your friends and the "Search" where you can search for artists or playlists. The Songza is a totally free service, however, you must have an active connection to the web to make it work, either through 3G or WiFi.

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