One-Click Batch Convert Video Files For Android Devices Using Android Video Converter Box [Windows]

Android Video Converter Box is a specific video converter application to convert any videos to the formats supported by Android devices. Wi...

One-Click-Batch-Convert-Video-Files-For-Android-Devices-Using-Android-Video-Converter-Box-[Windows]-3Android Video Converter Box is a specific video converter application to convert any videos to the formats supported by Android devices. With few clicks, you can convert any videos of your collection so that it runs perfectly on your Android smartphone or tablet. Android Video Converter Box is pre-compatible with a wide list of smartphone models of major brands including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG and Lenovo. What else caught our attention in the Android Video Converter Box were the simplicity and convenience of process. With a few steps, even people without any experience with this type of programs are able to convert videos that will definitely support on their Android device by format and resolution. Although its interface isn’t so appealing but it is very easy to use and functional bringing together all its functions on a single screen. During our review, the program has performed it’s duties well, showing a satisfactory result of the conversions. Overall, video quality was maintained. However, it is worth noting that reducing the resolution of the video, it is obvious that they lose a little of the original definition. The performance of the program also met our expectations: a 120 MB file (1280x960 pixels) took approximately 4 minutes to be converted into a video of a 15.6 MB (640x480 pixels). So if you have a smartphone powered by Android and want to watch your video collection on it, Android Video Converter Box is a good converter for you.

To get started, first install the program and then run it. On the main window, you will get an option to add videos for conversion. Although the developer noted that this application supports drag and drop to add files but during our test, we were unable to add video files (We tried 5-6 types) or folder (containing videos) via dragging. So to add files, click on VIDEO from the top of the screen and then add videos.


Then choose desired screen resolution for those videos from the right panel. While you hover on one button on the resolution menu, it will show supported device by that resolution.

Immediately after clicking on one resolution, Android Video Converter Box will automatically start to convert added videos for Android device. You can check the progress from the progress bar.


Android Video Converter Box officially supports the following Android Devices:

  • 1280x800 for Samsung Note, Motorola Xoom.
  • 1280x720 for Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
  • 960x540 for HTC Sensation 4G/Motorola Atrix 4G,2,Electrify,Droid 4,3, RAZR, MAXX,Bionic,X2,Photon 4G.
  • 854x480 for Huawei Honor/Motorola Droid 2 Global/Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S,neo V/Xiaomi MI-ONE,M1,Motorola Droid 3,1 / MileStone.
  • 800x480 for Samsung Galaxy S/Lenovo LePhone S2/Acer Stream,Liquid,HTC Desire S/Google Nexus One,S/Motorola Triumph, Droid 2 Global,LG Optimus 2X, Marquee/Huawei U9000, U8800+/Dell Streak,Motorola Droid 3,1 / MileStone, Star A3/HD7/Hero H7300/ZTE Libra/B63M.
  • 640x480 for Motorola Droid 3,1 / MileStone.
  • 720x480 for Star A3/HD7/Hero H7300/ZTE Libra/B63M.
  • 480x320 for HTC Legend/Samsung Galaxy Prevail, Ace/Motorola XPRT, Titanium, Backflip(Cliq,i), Droid Pro,Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman/Acer beTouch/LG Enlighten, Optimus M/Lenovo LePhone A1, Lenovo A60, P70, A500.
  • 400x240 for Samsung Intercept / SPH-M910 / Galaxy 3.
  • 320x240 for HTC Tattoo/Wildfire, Sony Xperia X10 mini, LG Vortex, Motorola FlipOut, Huawei U8150.

Android Video Converter Box works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully in Windows 8 Consumer Preview too.

Download Android Video Converter Box

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